Over the past year Kubernetes has become the de facto tool for container orchestration and we are excited to help teams embrace the benefits. Kubernetes enables working as a high velocity team, which means you can accelerate feature development and reduce operational complexity.  But, the gap between theory and practise can be very wide - which is why we’re announcing today our Kubernetes Support Subscription. Helping teams set-up and operate production grade Kubernetes.  

A few key characteristics are:

  • Comprehensive support for Kubernetes and associated technologies
  • Set of GitOps workflows to set-up, expand and upgrade
  • Support for upstream open source Kubernetes
  • Support for on-premise, AWS or GCP
  • 24/7 critical support
  • Partners with Weave Cloud to create a complete solution

To run Kubernetes in production and deliver it as a universal infrastructure layer requires a range of components to make it a complete system. In 'real life' we all have existing networks, storage and services. That's why our support subscription uses a component model to cover the whole of the Kubernetes stack.

Technology is important, but it isn’t sufficient for users to achieve the real benefits of faster development and more reliable operations. That's why we've focused on the GitOps workflows, building from our own experiences of running Kubernetes in production for 3 years. Our approach uses developer-centric tooling (e.g. git) and a tested approach to help you install, set-up, operate and upgrade Kubernetes.

We believe that staying on the pure upstream version of Kubernetes lets users benefit from the latest innovations and enhancements. We use Kubernetes rolling upgrade process and our infrastructure as code approach to reliably move forward. That's why in our subscription we're supporting the pure open source version of Kubernetes, direct from the Kubernetes project.

By using automation and GitOps it's possible to operate in multiple zones, on multiple clouds. We support customers installing Kubernetes on-premise, or in AWS and GCP. Wherever you want to run Kubernetes, we’re there to provide advice and support.

Production workloads run 24/7 which is why our team is available around the clock. We run a distributed support organisation across our London and San Francisco based teams so if there's a critical issue there's someone available to help. When there's a serious problem no-one wants to fight through call handlers to get to an expert, so critical issues are directed straight to our L2 team.

Our Kubernetes support subscription is independent of Weave Cloud and can be used without it. Of course, we think that Weave Cloud is the best way to deploy, observe and control Kubernetes infrastructure and workloads. Weave Cloud delivers an easy to use management platform that will boost productivity across the whole team. It's like peanut butter and jelly, they're both great - but together they're a whole new universe.

Today many people are exploring Kubernetes, they may be developing their first workload and running their first cluster. That's why we've split the pricing into a 'development' cluster (12,000 USD for up to 8 nodes), and a production 24/7 service (3,000 USD per year for a node). The difference is that there’s no critical cover for development systems, they’re only covered during business days and the maximum number of nodes is 8.

There are lots of ways to run Kubernetes and customers have lots of options to choose between. Our focus is helping our customers deliver Kubernetes as a production system, building from our own experiences in the last few years. If you're considering making Kubernetes a key part of your infrastructure, then we'd love to talk to you!

To find out more see our Kubernetes Support announcement, the Kubernetes Subscription page or to chat to one of the Weaveworks team please contact us.