It’s been said that the process of building software is as much about people as it is about writing the code. According to a recent survey conducted by the CNCF, 43% of respondents indicated that cultural changes were a top challenge.

The success of implementing cloud native technology and DevOps best practices into your organization depends a lot on your existing company culture. Internal teams must not only learn to adopt cross-functional methods that ensure software is iterated on with a continuous cadence but that it also compliments the business goals. Making the actual switch to a cloud native technical solution may be the simplest part in your journey; but how you get to that technical solution, and propagating that throughout your organization could well be the most difficult part of the process.

Join Chris Short, Technical Marketing Manager, Redhat and Cornelia Davis, Weaveworks CTO as they drill down into what the culture of cloud native looks like and how you need to change your organization in order to successfully make the shift to cloud native.


Chris Short Bio

Chris Short has been a proponent of open source solutions throughout his over two decades in various IT disciplines including systems, security, networks, and DevOps engineering and advocacy across the public and private sectors. He currently works at Red Hat. Chris is a disabled US Air Force veteran living with his wife and son in Greater Metro Detroit. Chris writes about DevOps and other topics at He also runs the DevOps, Cloud Native, and open source focused newsletter DevOps’ish.


Cornelia Davis, Bio

As the Chief Technology Officer at Weaveworks, Cornelia Davis is responsible for the company’s technology strategy so as to aid enterprises who are transforming their business though the leverage of cloud platforms. She cut her teeth in the space of modern application platforms at Pivotal where she was on the teams that brought Pivotal Cloud Foundry (Pivotal’s PaaS), various data products and Pivotal Container Service (Pivotal’s Kubernetes service) to market. She is the author of the book Cloud Native Patterns: Designing Change-tolerant Software.

An industry veteran with almost three decades of experience in image processing, scientific visualization, distributed systems and web application architectures, and cloud-native platforms, Cornelia holds the B.S. and M.S. in Computer Science from California State University, Northridge and further studied theory of computing and programming languages at Indiana University.


Cornelia: What I thought we’d talk about today is how organizations can get better at doing software. We want to get better at building it, releasing it and having more resilient systems and all of those things. One of the big categories is DevOps and it is one of the things that we’re applying to make some progress on. Chris, you do a great deal in the DevOps arena. Can you give us a definition of DevOps?

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