KubeCon and GitOpsCon EU, 2022 - Git Involved!

By Weaveworks
May 06, 2022

Less than 2 weeks until KubeCon and GitOpsCon kicks off in Valencia. With a line-up of great sessions, demos and giveaways, here’s a quick preview of what you can expect from the Weaveworks team.

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KubeCon CloudNativeCon is less than 2 weeks away, and we’re really excited to be joining fellow developers, IT professionals, and C-level leaders across the cloudnative ecosystem in sunny Valencia. As Founding members of the CNCF, and one of Kubernetes top contributors, Weaveworks has a lot planned for the week! Whether you’re joining the event in-person, or watching all the action from your couch, we hope you’ll visit us and talk to our international team about your Kubernetes and GitOps requirements.

What’s happening at the booth?

You can find us at booth #S44 in Pavillion 2, where our team will be waiting to showcase the latest features of Weave GitOps, specifically demonstrating trusted delivery using policy as code in your GitOps pipeline. Grab a GitOps t-shirt, and enter our sweepstakes for a chance to win a pair of Apple Pro Airpods.

Not attending in person? You can still enjoy all the action from the office or your couch. Visit our virtual booth which is available from May 15th.

Book a demo session in advance

We can help you create a cloud native architecture managed with GitOps that fits your business needs. Weave GitOps includes all the components you need to introduce Trusted Delivery to your applications:

  • GitOps continuous reconciliation
  • VS Code plugin
  • Policy as Code Open Policy Agent
  • Curated library of over 100 policies
  • Observability dashboards

Book a meeting with our team at KubeCon to see a live demo and discuss your requirements.

AWS Container Day @ KubeCon

In the days leading up to KubeCon ​​May 10th-13th, Leonardo Murillo, Principal Solutions Architect will be hosting a live session on “Simplifying Hybrid Cloud with GitOps”. In this session, you will learn how to reduce complexity for managing hybrid infrastructures with EKS and deliver applications securely and reliably. Here is the link to watch it live.

GitOpsCon EU 2022:

Whether you are a beginner, or a Cloud Native seasoned veteran, don’t miss GitOpsCon, a vendor-neutral colocated event on May 17th focusing specifically on GitOps technology and best practice.

Weaveworks sessions:

Check out the full schedule for more sessions.

Must see KubeCon sessions:

Weaveworks will be participating in the following sessions during the week:

Wednesday, May 18:

Thursday, May 19:

Friday, May 20:

To see what else is available, check out the full agenda.

Live booth demos

We’ll be showcasing the latest features of Weave GitOps at our booth (#S44 - Pavilion 2):

Trusted Application Delivery

Weave GitOps now includes Policy as Code checks to ensure that misconfigurations are automatically detected, notified and the deployment halted. The policy engine is built on Open Policy Agent (OPA) and includes a curated library of over a hundred policies covering: security, resilience and coding standards. Learn more about Trusted Application Delivery.

VS Code Extension

The GitOps Tools for Visual Studio Code extension brings GitOps directly into your IDE without having to switch to change tools. Keep an eye on the health of the GitOps engine and your application deployments, knowing in real time that the change you just merged passed all the checks and was deployed cleanly. Download the preview release.

Terraform Extension

Together with Weave GitOps Cluster API (CAPI) capabilities, configure a full-stack environment (host environment, kubernetes and all connected services) on any Cloud. Extend GitOps to all aspects of your environment by integrating Terraform resources, making it compliant with CNCF Open GitOps principles. Check it out.

Liquid Metal - Micro VMs

Provision Kubernetes clusters declaratively on lightweight micro-VMs (e.g. Firecracker) and bare metal. Get the best of both worlds: the dynamic flexibility of virtualized infrastructure and the hardware acceleration you can only get from bare metal. Learn more.

Flux Subsystem for Argo

If you’ve already made a start on your GitOps journey with Argo, and you’re concerned about potential security risks, or incomplete Helm support, you can now migrate to Weave GitOps with Flux Subsystem for Argo (FSA). Continue to use the Argo dashboard with Weave GitOps entities displayed side by side. Download it here.

See you there!

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