Recap: Weaveworks at KubeCon and GitOpsCon 2022

By Matt Price
June 28, 2022

A run-down of the key GitOps-related sessions from KubeCon and GitOpsCon 2022, complete with links to full-length videos of every session.

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KubeCon EU has just finished for another year – and this time around was the first time post-Covid that the European community was able to meet in person. 

The Weaveworks team were there in force, contributing to a number of sessions related to GitOps and the delivery of software in the cloud native world. We also had a major part to play in GitOpsCon (as you might expect). 

If you missed any or all of it, you’ll be pleased to know that many of the sessions were recorded, with the presentations now available to watch online in full. 

Intro to Kubernetes, GitOps, and Observability 

In this KubeCon hands-on tutorial, Weaveworks’ Tiffany Wang teamed up with Microsoft’s Joaquin Rodriguez, to provide a comprehensive introduction to Kubernetes, all delivered in a little over one hour. Tiffany and Joaquin walked participants through a process that took in GitOps (via Flux), logging, metrics and Grafana dashboards.

Flux Security Deep Dive

In this KubeCon session, Weaveworks’ Stefan Prodan dived deep into the security aspects of Flux v2 – the engine of Weave GitOps. He began by explaining the Flux authorization model and its relationship to Kubernetes’ in-built RBAC functionality, before comparing soft and hard multitenancy models, from a GitOps perspective. 

Stefan then explained how to lock down Flux in a multitenant environment, then onboard tenants onto clusters using the Flux CLI and Git – all before a final discussion of the Flux roadmap for 2022.

Helm Project 2022: How You Can Benefit, How You Can Help

A CNCF project that is used widely to manage packages for Kubernetes, Helm is dependent on its community for input on the direction it will take in the future. In this session, Helm maintainers including Weaveworks’ Scott Rigby explained what makes Helm so exciting right now – and what lies ahead for this important tool. They highlight some of the software’s most popular features, before explaining how you can get involved in shaping the vision for Helm 4.

Build Your Own Cluster API Provider the Easy Way

In this fascinating talk at KubeCon, Cluster API (CAPI) maintainers Anusha Hegde of VMware and Richard Case of Weaveworks explained how you can create your own provider, highlighting the most common patterns, develop and debug workflows. They also looked at some of the most common pitfalls to be aware of.

Simplifying Service Mesh Operations with Flux and Flagger

Thanks to distributed proxies, service meshes can now deliver real value at the application networking layer – but let’s face it: service meshes are not simple things to implement. In this KubeCon session, Google’s Mitch Connors and Weaveworks’ Stefan Prodan talked their audience through their approach to simplifying service mesh operations, using GitOps principles to define the entire service mesh declaratively.

GitOps as a Journey

Over to GitOpsCon now, where Weavework’s Scott Rigby teamed up with Codefresh’s Dan Garfield and Chris Short of AWS, to explain how to approach GitOps from the outset, via the unique perspective of the GitOps Working Group – an organization formed by Amazon, Microsoft, Codefresh, Github, Red Hat and Weaveworks. The talk outlined how the GitOps principles were originally created and crucially, what they mean in practice.

Lightning Talk: Hiding in Plain Sight - How Flux Decrypts Secrets 

In this eye-opening GitOpsCon Lightning Talk, Weaveworks’ Somtochi Onyekwere got to grips with a potentially difficult subject: where to store your YAML files if they contain secrets. That’s because anyone with access to the repository will also have access to any secrets within it – which could compromise sensitive information such as database passwords or API keys, for example. In the session, Somtochi explained how to solve the problem, demonstrating how you can use Flux to encrypt secrets and store them as files in Git. 

Learning More about GitOps with Weaveworks

If you’re interested in learning more about the features of Weave GitOps, we have created a selection of demo videos.

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