We are delighted to join Canonical’s push for open and secure Internet of Things tools. In our vision, Weave network, Docker and Ubuntu Core are the way forward to implement Continuous Delivery in the hybrid cloud of apps running anywhere, spanning private and public clouds with ease.

With the flexibility of containerisation and our secure overlay network, you can scale-out and re-architect your system at any time in the lifecycle. For example, if you have started by wiring-up client container on the device to a single backend, you can easily swap-out any part of your system without having to implement a complex firmware upgrade procedure on the client. You are no longer bound to your original API contracts that you had in place just before you launched your connected product.

Whether you are building an enterprise platform or working on a personal project, Weave is free and open-source. You will find many usecase guides on our blog, including all popular Big Data platforms – Elasticsearch, Riak and Cassandra, and plenty more.

Be sure to follow @weaveworks on Twitter to find out more about DevOps in the age of IoT!