In a recent hack day at Pivotal, the team sought new approaches to visualize the Cloud Foundry platform. Cloud Foundry has two tools for this purpose:

As informative as this data is, it is diffuse, and not instantly comprehensible.  Enter Weave Scope.

Weave Scope is Weaveworks’ tool to visually depict the internal operations of a cluster. Click on a Weave Scope cell, and it visually unspools an entire cluster by process, container or host. Scope’s graphics are once visually absorbing, interactive and informative. The problem? Scope is customized mostly for use with Docker,Kubernetes, ECS and other Docker-based clusters.

So the engineers had their hack day challenge: Could Weave Scope be effectively configured to work as elegantly with Cloud Foundry as it does with Docker and Kubernetes? Turns out, it can.

Read Stev Witzel’s two part blog on how Pivotal engineers tweaked Weave Scope to work with Cloud Foundry.