We recently integrated Weave with ECS  and in so doing included a set of Weave AMIs that are based on the official ECS-Optimized Amazon Linux AMI.

I am happy to announce that starting today Weave Scope  is also included in the latest Weave AMIs which facilitates a super easy set up for your infrastructure projects.

The integration of Scope in ECS goes beyond simply providing the AMI. We have looked carefully at the unique features of ECS and have integrated those into Scope and Weave to make the user experience as seamless as possible.

Scope recognizes ECS’s container-name mangling and it also includes the ecs-agent as a system container to avoid cluttering the view of your application.

In case you were wondering, the image above is a screenshot obtained from the ECS guide, which has been updated to demonstrate Scope.

EC2 instances using the Weave AMI will spawn Scope, which will run a web server listening on port 4040. This will allow you to visualize the containers of the full Autoscaling Group to which the instance belongs.