On August 2, we joined forces with Canonical (Ubuntu) to co-present a webinar on ‘Speed up your software development lifecycle with Kubernetes’. For a complete cloud native application lifecycle, Kubernetes needs some tools to “close the loop”. The promise of the new way of doing things, is that you’ll speed up your software delivery with microservices and devops teams. But how should you really do that?

Canonical's conjure-up makes it easy to deploy and operate Kubernetes in production, using a neat, easy-to-use CLI installer. Weave Cloud fills in the gaps missing with a Kubernetes install and provides the tools necessary for a full development lifecycle.

In the webinar we walked through how you can install and use Canonical’s Distribution of Kubernetes via conjure-up, and add Weave Cloud onto your cluster to set up, manage and monitor your application in Kubernetes. Luke Marsden (Weaveworks) also showed a demo on how to diagnose and solve a real performance problem within an application using Prometheus.

Head on over to the Ubuntu blog for a step-by-step tutorial on how to set up Kubernetes on any cloud, the conjure-up way. Once the cluster is spun up, how to use Weave Cloud to deploy an application, explore the microservices and monitor the app as it runs in the cluster.

You can also watch a recap of the webinar on-demand.

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