Our friends at Bitnami have recently been working on a Sealed Secrets open source project which specifically addresses a GitOps workflow. If you’re not yet familiar with GitOps, it’s an agile software lifecycle for modern applications. Learn more by reading our blog series on the topic, starting with Gitops - Operations by Pull Request.

Sealed Secrets is a Kubernetes Custom Resource Definition Controller which allows you to store even sensitive information (aka secrets) in Git, which previously has not been an option. In addition, you can use Weave Cloud’s Deploy feature in conjunction with Sealed Secrets to create a continuous deployment pipeline where all operations are git based and where the desired state of your apps is declared in your git repos including your secrets.

Head on over to the Bitnami blog for a step-by-step walk-through on how you can set this up on your Kubernetes cluster.

If you’re heading to KubeCon in Austin this week, be sure to stop by the Weaveworks (#D4) and Bitnami (#S24) booths to see this demo in action.