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March 03, 2016

Docker Multicast Networking: Maximum Warp Speed

Weave Net is unique among Docker container networking solutions in that it supports multicast networking. In multicast, a sender can transmit data once and have it delivered to multiple receivers in a multicast group. It’s...

February 24, 2015

Get Your Kicks on Cloud66

This week we saw our first ‘at scale’ public production use case at Cloud66.  Based in Austin TX, and London, this is a brilliant young company that puts customers first and is showing the way for the next generation of automated...

December 18, 2014

Automated Provisioning of Multi-cloud Weave Network with Terraform

Introduction In this post I am going to describe how I used one of HashiCorp’s latest tools — Terraform — for deploying a weave network across two different cloud providers. Terraform helps to answer some of provisioning-related questions...

December 09, 2014

"I set out to deploy Weave on my Pi"

Hats off to Alexander Grendel for getting Weave and Docker working on Raspberry Pi….!  Quote: “The great thing about the setup is that I can take my Pi anywhere and as long as I have internet that allows (stateful outboud) tcp/udp on...

December 03, 2014

Using Weave Network for Big Data: ElasticSearch & Apache Spark

As part of our continuing effort demonstrating how weave overlay networking makes deploying complex distribute software stacks simpler, I decided to pick a couple of very hot open-source projects and show something people commonly do:...