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March 03, 2016

Docker Multicast Networking: Maximum Warp Speed

Weave Net is unique among Docker container networking solutions in that it supports multicast networking. In multicast, a sender can transmit data once and have it delivered to multiple receivers in a multicast group. It’s...

February 02, 2016

CNI for Docker Containers, with Weave & Calico

As fate would have it, a few developers from Calico and Weaveworks ran into each other at a local bar, just down from both their offices. As the beer started to flow, so did the conversation… To the fascinating subject of how to enable any...

January 07, 2016

Scale Test: Clustering 2,000 Docker Containers with Weave and DCHQ

Today’s guest blog is from the DCHQ team, who use Weave Net to network Docker containers in their Deployment Automation and Lifecycle Management platform. This is the second of a two part blog series that discusses the...

November 30, 2015

Automating Microsoft Azure Docker Deployment with Weave Net

This is a guest post by Richard Lander, a Senior Software Developer at Tribridge. He runs production Dockerized workloads on Microsoft Azure using Weave Net, and has written this post to demonstrate the techniques he...

November 16, 2015

Scale test: Running 10,000 Docker Containers on Weave

Welcoming today’s guest blog from the DCHQ team, who use Weave Net to provide the Docker container network for their Deployment Automation and Lifecycle Management platform:Using DCHQ and Weave to automate Docker at...

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