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April 24, 2015

Data Migration with Kubernetes and Flocker

Our friend Kai Davenport at ClusterHQ has just published another awesome piece, this time detailing how Weave, Flocker and Kubernetes can be used together to migrate a Redis database container between two nodes. Read the full article here!

March 25, 2015

More Detail on Database Migration Using Docker, Flocker and Weave

Previously we have worked with the ClusterHQ team to create demos of database migration.  These demos uses flocker for data volume replication and weave to maintain network integrity as the application changes eg during a failover...

January 29, 2015


We’re very happy today to give the spotlight to Kai Davenport, who has been advancing the state of the art of Docker extensions, and weave, with his project powerstrip-weave. –Michael Powerstrip-Weave: A Docker Networking Extension In this...

January 29, 2015

Demo: Running on a Composed Flocker + Weave + Powerstrip Docker Stack

In the past week, Luke Marsden from ClusterHQ and I joined the team in their awesome SnowSprint right up in the Austrian Alps. We all had a wonderful time and hacked away, with some very exciting results. Here is a...