Container Security with Dan Walsh

There are several factors to consider when securing containerized applications. Where containers are deployed, how they are isolated and which capabilities to disable are important steps to take to ensure that your dockerized applications are secure.

Adding a Service to Weave Cloud and Other Best Practices

Learn how to add a service to Weave Cloud – from naming and organization to security and monitoring, Tom Wilkie shares best practices and lessons learned.

Weave unaffected by GNU C library vulnerability CVE 2015-7547

This week a serious vulnerability (CVE 2015-7547) was announced in the GNU C library installed on most popular Linux systems, which could enable a remote code execution attack. Software that makes use of the glibc DNS resolver...

Weave & CliQr: Improving Security and Portability of Container-Based Apps

Our friends over at CliQr recently blogged about integrating Weave Net with CliQr’s CloudCenter & Application-Defined Cloud Management Platform. What’s particularly interesting about this case is the portability of Weave Net,...

Weave Net Cryptography FAQ

What do you recommend for confidentiality, integrity and authenticity with Weave Net? Weave communicates via TCP and UDP on a well known port, so you may use whatever is appropriate to your requirements – for example an IPsec VPN for...