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May 22, 2018

GitOps for Istio - Manage Istio Config like Code

Read how GitOps workflows can be implemented to rollout and manage non-atomic canary releases to an Istio service mesh. Stefan Prodan then takes you through the steps of setting up a canary with GitOps workflows to Istio.

February 21, 2018

Keeping Helm changes consistent and reliable with Weave Flux

While Helm helps with getting applications running, you need other tooling to keep them up to date when something changes. Check out our alpha release of our Helm integration in Weave Flux. It makes sure your Helm chart releases are kept up to date with what’s in Git. You can try it out using the published repository in Github.

January 31, 2018

Automating continuous delivery with Kubernetes, Google Cloud and Git

Discover how to achieve an automated continuous delivery with Kubernetes, Google Cloud Platform and Weave Cloud multiple time a day. Discover the role, observability and metric monitoring play for determining whether you’re progressing once you’ve increased your speed of deployment.

April 27, 2017

Weave Cloud UI Alerts and Metrics

After a particularly egregious outage was reported by a Weave Cloud user, we decided it would be a good idea to add some alerting to our front-end codebase. Alerting and metrics for Weave Cloud are handled using Prometheus, however, which...

March 29, 2017

Introducing Weave Cloud Enterprise

Our goal for Weave Cloud is to remove obstacles from getting applications into production. A team of developers should be able to easily deploy, manage, monitor, and connect microservices and container-based applications. Today we’re...

November 03, 2016

Join Weaveworks at KubeCon Seattle + CloudNativeCon

KubeCon Seattle is Almost Here KubeCon Seattle is just around the corner and we hope to see you there Nov. 8-9. If you’re not familiar with KubeCon Seattle, the two-day event brings together thousands of Kubernetes technologists to hear...

June 20, 2016

DockerCon 2016: Weave Cloud and Weave Net 1.6

At DockerCon today we announced the public beta of Weave Cloud, a microservices console allowing developers and operations to quickly connect, visualize and monitor containers and microservices, regardless of the orchestrator....

May 11, 2016

Weaveworks closes $15M Series B to simplify microservices for all

Today we are announcing a $15M Series B investment from GV (formerly Google Ventures) and Accel. This brings our total funding to $20M to date. We have strong backing from two of the world’s leading VCs. This is great news for...

December 15, 2015

Weave Scope 0.11 adds terminals for your Docker containers

  Weave Scope is a zero-config, drop-in solution for mapping and monitoring your Docker containers, and the easiest way to visualize your cloud-native application. Today, we’re releasing Weave Scope 0.11 with the added ability to get...

November 16, 2015

Weave Scope gets your Docker containers under control

Weave Scope is a zero-config, drop-in solution for mapping and monitoring your Docker containers, and the easiest way to visualize your cloud-native application. Weave Scope 0.10 is out today and introduces some exciting new features:...

November 03, 2015

Life and Docker Networking - One Year On

Welcome to Docker 1.9 Today Docker has released Docker 1.9, which includes advances in Docker Networking. Perhaps the most important is the introduction of a new overlay networking approach to connect docker containers running across...

November 03, 2015

Docker networking 1.9 and Weave technical deep-dive

This is a technical follow up to the previous post, Life and Docker Networking – One year On. Please note that our goal here, shared with Docker, is to make the customer experience as straightforward as possible. Do get in touch if you...

October 15, 2015

Automating Weave deployment on Docker hosts with Weave Discovery

Weave Net implements an overlay container network that links together all containers, regardless of where the Docker hosts are running. Weave is designed to work with minimal configuration and zero application changes. So when you add a...

October 08, 2015

Weave: the fastest path to Docker on Amazon EC2 Container Service

Today, Weaveworks is making it even faster and easier to deploy and see Docker container applications on Amazon Web Services’ EC2 Container Service (ECS). We’re delighted to be one of the launch Container Partners in the ECS marketplace,...

October 05, 2015

Welcome Mathew Lodge, Weaveworks' New COO

I’m extremely pleased to share some big news today, with Mathew Lodge (@mathewlodge) joining us as the COO of Weaveworks.  Mathew joins us from VMware, where he was Vice President in VMware’s Cloud Services group.  His...

June 30, 2015

How Capgemini Apollo Uses Weave

This is a guest blog post by Graham Taylor, Senior Engineer, Capgemini. Graham’s team have created a PaaS, called Apollo.  This aims to be a complete platform for modern ‘cloud native’ applications. Apollo uses Mesos,...

June 22, 2015

Docker Open Container Project - Please Make It Awesome

I’m live-blogging this from the DockerCon opening keynote in San Francisco.  Docker has announced that it will create the Open Container Project under the Linux Foundation. This is based on news that is breaking in...

June 18, 2015

Weave 1.0 is Out - And It is Good

Weave 1.0 is out! Weaving containers into applications Weave is the most productive way to connect, observe and control containers.  Our mission is to make application developers as happy as possible by making containers magically...

June 16, 2015

Weave Net Cryptography FAQ

What do you recommend for confidentiality, integrity and authenticity with Weave Net? Weave communicates via TCP and UDP on a well known port, so you may use whatever is appropriate to your requirements – for example an IPsec VPN for...

January 29, 2015


We’re very happy today to give the spotlight to Kai Davenport, who has been advancing the state of the art of Docker extensions, and weave, with his project powerstrip-weave. –Michael Powerstrip-Weave: A Docker Networking Extension In this...