Tis’ the season - Kubecon NA and AWS re:Invent

November 12, 2020

It's that time of year again when two of our favourite events commence - KubeCon NA and AWS reinvent. This year however, they've gone virtual, giving many more people worldwide a chance to participate. See what we're up to at both events, and please stop by and say hello to us in our virtual booths!

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It’s that time of the year where we are counting down the days until the two most anticipated virtual events of the year: KubeCon North America and AWS re:Invent commences!


On November 17, we are kicking off KubeCon North America with our friends at AWS for AWS Container Day: Kubernetes Edition. At this co-located event we are part of a stellar line up of speakers:

Tuesday, November 17

  • 1:00 - 1:45pm PT: Cornelia Davis, CTO Weaveworks will participate in a panel discussion focusing on GitOps and Kubernetes Security.
  • 2:30 - 3:15pm PT:  Michael Hausenblas and Stefan Prodan will demonstrate: Progressing GitOps with Progressive Delivery
    In this session, Stefan and Michael will talk about the evolution of GitOps and how it enables progressive delivery at scale. They will then introduce the next major version of Flux and explain why Flux was reshaped into a composable continuous delivery solution that goes beyond Git sync to accommodate multi-tenancy, infrastructure dependencies and Kubernetes management via cluster-api, up to fleet scale. Stefan will wrap up with the future plans for Flagger and how the progressive delivery operator will become part of Flux’s GitOps Toolkit.

Must see Kubecon talks and panel discussions

But there is more… The Weaveworks team will also be participating in the following talks throughout the week:

We are looking forward to seeing you at one of our talks or chatting with you on our community slack.

What’s happening at virtual AWS re:Invent?


As the pioneers of GitOps, you can expect to hear and see demonstrations of how GitOps helps your company to unlock cloud native agility and manage infrastructure and applications on Kubernetes. With Git at the center of your operational model, application developers and cluster operators can easily spin up and manage production ready Kubernetes across different environments. Introduce reliability into enterprise Kubernetes through automation with the GitOps methodology.

At the demo theater you can see these concepts come to life when we showcase our Weave Kubernetes Platform (WKP). GitOps is the underlying architecture and developer experience of WKP which simplifies the configuration and management of Kubernetes platforms across your organization

Can’t wait? Join our live demo of WKP and Q&A session on November 12.

Booth demos:

We’ll be showcasing the following Kubernetes tools and products at our booth:

Weave Kubernetes Platform and the GitOps Policy Manager

The Weave Kubernetes Platform (WKP) implements GitOps to manage Kubernetes configuration. Teams can define a standard installation of Kubernetes and automate the deployment of new nodes with predefined cluster templates all kept in Git. These let developers and operators add cluster components, and update them with security patches, minimizing the time spent editing error prone YAML.

Flagger & AppMesh - GitOps enabled Canary Deployments

Weave Flagger is an open source Kubernetes operator. Flagger, when used with AWS App Mesh, allows fully automated canary deployments that can be controlled with GitOps and Flux. Based on Prometheus metrics and thresholds, Flagger determines canary deployment success or failure and automatically shifts traffic or initiates rollback.

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See you at Kubecon and re:invent 👋

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