While Weaveworks, Inc. celebrates this week an infusion of $5 million in capital, YMD Partners can report news relevant to docker/weave systems administrators using puppet to manage the configuration of their docker hosts.

First, today Morgan Haskel who helps to maintain the puppetlabs-firewall module communicated that a patch we contributed has been merged and is slated for a release, likely to be tagged as 1.3.0 due out before the Winter Solstice. This patch adds support for interface aliases and the negation of an interface attribute in a firewall rule.

This means it will no longer be necessary to manually apply that patch to the firewall module to support use of the weave::firewall::* classes in hesco/weave puppet module, v0.8.x. Last week’s release of the weave puppet module depends on negated interfaces in the firewall to support a docker/weave cluster.

In other news, last night I released v0.8.11 of the weave module to the forge. Most significantly, it resolves a bug which prevented the installation of docker on a fresh install until docker existed on that host (you see how that might be a problem). While v0.8.0+ should work fine for hosts where docker has already been installed by other means, even for an initial installation of weave, and probably would work fine to upgrade an existing docker installation (because its using the garethr/docker modules under the hood); if you need to build up a docker/weave host from bare metal you will want to upgrade immediately to this bug-fix release.

The README includes thoughts on a roadmap towards the 0.9.x release. But your feedback on the projects’ issues page is appreciated to inform what gets built and when. In general, patches, bug reports and feature requests are of course also always welcome from puppet/docker/weave users.


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