At Weaveworks, we help organizations of all sizes on their cloud-native journey by realizing the benefits of GitOps. As the software company behind GitOps, we have been operating this model across our organization for over 5 years. Our knowledge and expertise is unrivalled, which is one of the reasons we are the global leaders in GitOps products and services.

“One of the things I really find beneficial is the production insight that Weaveworks brings to the table, which allows us to make important decisions with confidence. That for us is pivotal.”
Wen Yeow, Senior Engineer, NAB

For anyone implementing GitOps (or considering it), we offer a range of professional services to help you take the next step wherever you are in your GitOps journey.

Weave GitOps Enterprise Support

Weave GitOps Enterprise (formerly Weave Kubernetes Platform) is a mature enterprise Kubernetes platform which provides all the capabilities needed to build and operate Kubernetes with GitOps management. Our team can assist you with initial design assessments and training workshops to full services such as implementing a Kubernetes production environment.

Our two support packages include:

  • Mission critical support: 24/7 support and security through extensive Service Level Agreements (SLAs).
  • Customer Reliability Engineers: an add-on service for customers looking for personalized care, advice and coaching via a dedicated / shared engineer.
“We would recommend WKP which allowed us to own and manage our infrastructure while building a consistent technical bridge to a client-facing cloud presence. Having worked with the Weaveworks client success team for our cluster deployments, service testing, specific use cases to deploy configuration changes and management of in-place upgrades, we are genuinely impressed with their organizational dedication to our success.”  Lance Allred, Director of Infrastructure, Datascan

Weaveworks Kubernetes GitOps Support

Whether you’re looking for a quick helping hand in getting started with Kubernetes and/or GitOps, our quickstart package might be the solution. We provide an end-to-end consulting, training and support package over three days, covering infrastructure, operations and application management. You’ll walk away with everything you need to build a greenfield production cluster.

Need something more specific or tailored to your organization's requirements? Talk to us about our Amazon EKS or Azure AKS quickstart packages.

Weaveworks Professional Services

Our range of professional enterprise services are for organizations wishing to adopt GitOps as their operating model. These pre-packaged services can aid with initial planning to longer-term engagements with dedicated assistance throughout the process.

  • Cloud Native Assessment:
    an in-depth review and assessment, delivered as a two-week workshop that culminates with a set of recommendations.

  • Design, Discovery, Deploy:
    a four-stage engagement giving your developers and operations teams the tools, skills and knowledge they need to successfully develop and operate cloud native applications with GitOps.

  • Weaveworks Managed Service:
    round-the-clock support for managing your stack from applications to clusters.

  • Bespoke Services:
    We can design and deliver bespoke services based on the unique requirements of your organization.
“We’re seeing explosive growth in enterprise Kubernetes adoption, but there’s a knowledge gap between adoption and implementation. With its new offering Weaveworks is packaging its products and services to help enterprises accelerate their moves to cloud natives tools, methods and processes.” – James Governor, co-founder of Redmonk

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