Join us for an upcoming webinar with Pure Storage and find out how you can join and participate in two different talks with the Weave Online User Group (WOUG) this month.

Webinar Alert! Make Stateful Apps in Kubernetes a No Brainer

The need for scale and acceleration of code to production are the main drivers behind the rapid adoption of Kubernetes in modern enterprises. Organizations are aiming to deploy thousands of cloud native applications, including stateful applications on premise, in a single cloud or across multiple clouds. Managing these workloads are complex and can often be a challenging task when it comes to automating operational tasks, rolling updates or migrations.

In this webinar Weaveworks and Pure will show you how integrated solutions such as the Weave Kubernetes Platform (WKP) and Pure Service Orchestrator can save you valuable time through efficient, predictable and reliable operations.

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Date: Tuesday, March 17
Time: 10:00 AM PT | 5:00 PM (GMT +1)

Jon Owings (@Jon_2vcps) Principal SA - Cloud And NextGen Applications, Pure Storage and Damani Corbin (@DC_Corbin3), Kubernetes Evangelist, Weaveworks will cover:

  • How the Weave Kubernetes Platform and its GitOps workflows unify deployment, management, and monitoring for clusters and apps.
  • How Pure Service Orchestrator accelerates application build and delivery with 6 9’s storage uptime.
  • Live Demo

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Upcoming Weave Online User Group Talks

Twice a month, the Weaveworks DX team hosts and curates content for the Weave Online User Groups with a series of interesting speakers and technology demos. Join now to receive notifications of upcoming speakers, as well as the occasional in-person meetups. Visit the Weaveworks Youtube channel to watch past episodes.

This month the DX team plans two different talks, one on the open source Kubernetes cluster creator and manager, WKSctl and another on keeping Docker images secure.

WKSctl: GitOps Management of Kubernetes Clusters

Date: March 10th
Time: 10:00 - 11:00 PT / 5pm UTC Time
Speaker: Jerry Jackson (@jrryjcksn), Software Engineer, Weaveworks
Host: Tamao Nakahara(@mewzherder), Head of Developer Experience, Weaveworks

Wksctl is an open source command line tool that you can use to create Kubernetes clusters on any set of machines with an SSH key. It also manages the entire cluster lifecycle including patches, upgrades and add-on using simple and audible GitOps workflows. In this talk, Jerry Jackson from the WKSctl engineering team will discuss and give a demo of WKSctl including:

  • its architecture and implementation
  • how to use it to create clusters
  • its relationship with Flux and how it implements GitOps
  • how to create simple local development environments with Footloose and WKSctl
  • how it enables consistent environments across the spectrum from development to production

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Image is Everything. (Let's Keep it Secure!) with Jason Epstein

Date: March 24, 2020
Time: 10:00 - 11:00 PT / 5pm UTC
Speaker: Jason Epstein, Senior Solutions Engineer, Mirantis
Host: Tamao Nakahara (@mewzherder), Head of Developer Experience, Weaveworks

In 1990, pro tennis legend, Andre Agassi, unintentionally predicted the importance of container images in the application container movement 20+ years later when he told viewers of the famous Canon commercial, "image is everything".

However, even the tennis Hall of Famer couldn't have predicted the security issues that would surface from this new technology. While the Docker container engine and Kubernetes orchestrator make it easy to distribute, orchestrate, and run containers, we also need to ensure our images are safe to use.

Malware often masquerades as legitimate images, and vulnerabilities found in official images are frequently exploited by nefarious actors. Both concerns are security threats to the stability and security of your application environment.

This is where container image scanning and signing play a crucial role in your organization. Several products on the market seek to address this need, including Harbor, JFrog X-Ray, Docker Trusted Registry, Quay, and Twistlock. This is an essential element to securing your DevOps pipeline.

Jason Epstein is a Senior Solutions Engineer on the Docker Enterprise team at Mirantis. He will walk us through an image vulnerability scan, what can be discovered, and how it can be used to help secure your DevOps pipeline.


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