KubeCon 2016 promises to be one of the best tech events this year. We’ll be there!  And we have some amazing talks for you to see – and people for you to meet. Friends of Weaveworks get a discount – at the end of this post, find out how.

Kubecon?  What, where and why.

This is an event all about Kubernetes and Docker, and the growing Cloud Native ecosystem around them.   Come if you are want to:

  • Get started with containers and microservices
  • Meet production users and hear what they have done, both the good and the bad
  • See and try the latest tools for monitoring, deployment and more
  • Catch the inside scoop on industry gossip about Kubernetes & Docker
  • Do the best networking, obviously 😉

Why this event and not another?  It’s got a spectacular speaker list for starters.  This includes our very own Tom Wilkie and Ilya Dmitrichenko, talking about running Kubernetes in production on Amazon EC2, monitoring it using Weave Scope, deploying it vastly more easily using Weave’s most excellent “Kubernetes Anywhere” tool.

The event is on March 10th and 11th at Codenode in London.  If you have not been to an event at this super venue, you have missed out.  It is the hangout for hearing about the most important tech that’s happening today.  And we love that it’s near our London office 😉  There is a lot of wonderful food in the area, and you can easily find places to stay.

What are Weaveworks talking about at Kubecon?

We currently have two great talks lined up for you.

First, on Thursday morning (March 10th), Ilya and Tom will take you through a real production case. We run Weave Scope as a service on Amazon EC2.  We soon found that Kubernetes had a lot to offer us.  You can read about why we chose to use it, and what happened next.  This talk will update you on the story and provide a LOT more gory detail and war stories.  And we’ll unveil some new tools we built in the process.  This talk is called: “If you can drink and watch Star Wars, you can handle Kubernetes in production (Because that’s exactly what we did)

Second, on Friday morning (March 11th), Tom will talk about the challenges of monitoring cloud native applications, microservices, including Kubernetes and Docker containers.  We have some really exciting examples, analysis and details to show you here.  You can catch some clues via our Slideshare.  There will be lots of new user examples at the talk, and live demos.  This talk is called “Interactive Monitoring for Kubernetes

I want my discount code!

For a limited time, Weaveworks and KubeCon are offering a 25% discount for our friends.  Just go here to book your discounted ticket now.

Watch this space for updates if we get involved in more.  Also keep an eye on twitter for the hashtag #kubecon and the handle @kubeconio.

— alexis