Weave 1.0 is out!

Weaving containers into applications

Weave is the most productive way to connect, observe and control containers.  Our mission is to make application developers as happy as possible by making containers magically simple.  We have integrated very deeply with Docker so that developers can be successful fast.  And we want to make Weave+Docker the best combination for containers in production.

Customers like Cloud66 and Tutum are already running Weave in production and at scale.  If you have heard of Docker, please try Weave now.  There are getting started guides including complete ‘how tos’ for the Docker platform; plus many ways to learn more on our website and links to help or support.

Weave is now so much more!

Our first Weave release was last September – it immediately received attention by filling a gap in Docker.  Weave Net is a network for application developers, that solves the problem of making networks portable and dead simple.  It is by far the easiest and most intuitive way to add container networking to existing or new applications.

But now there is so much more, including

  • Service Discovery
  • Routing and Load Balancing
  • Scalable Address Management
  • Monitoring and Visualization via Weave Scope
  • Deeper Docker integration

These capabilities are needed for real applications.  Developers want simple ways to do them – and that’s just the start.  You’ll be amazed by some of the features we’ve packed in.  Please check out our product pages for more!

Our philosophy – magical simplicity

Weaving containers into applications must be magically simple.  We have three ‘rules’ for this.

  1. As open, simple and portable as Docker itself
  2. Always be the easiest way to get started with Docker!
  3. No need to change your application or tooling

Simplicity is easily claimed, rarely delivered.  For us it means a number of things.  Whenever we can, we use tried, trusted and proven APIs over and above forcing you to learn something new.  This means that developers do not have to change applications or operational tooling.  So there is hardly any “learning curve”.  And once in production, high quality is essential.  For us, success is when customers tell us they know our software won’t let them down even as their application changes. Design choices in Weave take account of this upfront.

A fabric not a platform

Weave is a “fabric”, ie. designed to embed almost invisibly into your applications.  We think application developers already know how to write applications and want to make that a faster, better and simpler experience, rather than “getting in the way”.

Weave is not and never will be a “platform”.  There are lots of great platforms starting with Docker.  We want developers to use Weave to write Docker apps.  We don’t want there to be “Weave apps”.  Yes: through our product we deliver automation, but without adding our own orchestration.  This means that developers can use Weave with any application type or platform.  Our implementations have no central configuration or controller, making them easy to integrate with more or less anything, as well as highly scalable and resilient.  If you are writing a platform yourself, make sure you consider using Weave.

Why use Weave 1.0 now

With Weave 1.0 we are committing to a stable and long term supported set of features that you can build on.  Commercial support is available directly from our approved professional services partners, whom we back up.

With 1.0 we have factored Weave into three distinct product components:

  1. Weave Net is the 1.0 release of our original application centric software defined network for Docker – the easiest way for developers to connect containers.
  2. Weave Scope is our monitoring and visualization tool, for developers who want observe and understand containerised applications without changing them.
  3. Weave Run is also 1.0 and represents the control and management of these applications, for example routing, load balancing and automated address management.

Get the Weave 1.0 release notes and any of the code from Github – note that Net and Run are currently shipped as a single download – separate from the Scope download.  Watch our blog and website for further evolution, and read more on our product pages.  We always welcome contributions from the community, customer enquiries and prospective partners.

Weaving this summer

Look out for more in the coming weeks:

First we have some exciting announcements at DockerCon next week.  Please do meet us there – here’s how – or take part in our scavenger hunt to win a big prize!

Second – we just released our fast data path Developer Preview.  This is all about weaving bigger, faster and overall meaner apps.  You know which ones 😉

Third – we shall run a series of webinars over the summer, and will speak at many events.  Contact us if you are interested in having us at yours.

Find out more

Press and analysts are welcome to email us and may wish to review the About Weaveworks sections of our website.

— alexis