Weave Cloud Product Updates and Announcements

August 27, 2018

Curious about what’s new in Weave Cloud? Learn about new features, enhancements and bug fixes in this convenient list.

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Another busy couple of months have resulted in a whole slew of new features for Weave Cloud.  To keep you up to date with what’s happening in Weaveworks engineering we started a handy announcement list.  All new features, enhancements and bug fixes are now listed together by date in one place, so that you can quickly see what’s changed in Weave Cloud.  Each new feature and enhancement also includes a short animation of  the feature in action and how you can access it. 

As a introduction to this list, let’s just run through a couple of the new and notable features that were recently pushed to Production. 

View deployment history on the Weave Cloud Timeline

Several months ago, we introduced the timeline feature to Weave Cloud. The timeline allows you to graphically run through the entire lifecycle of your cluster so that you can pinpoint the moments leading up to a problem.   We’ve now expanded on that timeline to include your complete deployment history with clickable markers that take you to the source!  Now it’s even simpler to find that problematic deployment or to scroll through the entire history of your deployments. 


View deployments and their history from Monitoring charts

For those times when you need to investigate a possible faulty deployment as the source of a problem within your cluster, deployment history now appears on your resource usage charts. Clickable markers make it easy for you to drill down into the deployment and view the source for debugging. 


Increase deployment velocity with WebHooks

Double your deployment speed with the new Weave Cloud webhooks.  Webhooks can be configured for GitHub Push, DockerHub Push, and Quay Image Push.


Better and more complete auditing

Meet SOC 2 compliance by providing a complete history of who’s changed what and when through the Weave Cloud Events list. 


Find out how your Workload is performing

See how your workload is performing with these informative workload-specific dashboards.  At a glance, you can see everything about that workload all in one place: Resource usage, Garbage collection, deployment history, metrics, service connections and more.


Send Alerts to OpsGenie or Stackdriver

You can now send alerts and other notifications to your favorite incident management service like OpsGenie or Stackdriver. Once you’ve configured rules, all that is needed is the Token to specify a receiver to start sending out alerts for when your cluster needs attention.


Final thoughts

These are just a few of the exciting new features that have been added to Weave Cloud over the last couple of months.  Head on over to the What’s New in Weave Cloud? page to browse the full list of new features, enhancements and bug fixes.  

Contact us, if you have any suggestions or comments, we’d love to hear them.

Need help?

For the past 3 years, Kubernetes has been powering Weave Cloud, our operations as a service offering. You can have 24x7 access help from our team of Kubernetes experts to assist with your Kubernetes installation and set up. We’re happy to share our knowledge and help teams embrace the benefits of on-premise installations of Kubernetes and Istio.

 See Weaveworks’ Professional Services for Kubernetes for details about our Kubernetes support packages.

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