September Release - Weave GitOps 2022.09

By Weaveworks
September 13, 2022

Learn about the exciting new features in the Weave GitOps 2022.09 release. Accelerate software development life cycles safely, enabling multiple DevOps teams to work seamlessly together and other productivity enhancements.

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March Release - Weave GitOps 2022.03

Today we are announcing the September 2022 release of Weave GitOps. This release brings exciting new features including enhancements to Trusted Delivery with built-in curated library of policies and progressive delivery. Team Workspaces smoothing the way for multi-tenancy and productivity improvements for developers.

Trusted Delivery

Getting new features and fixes into production quickly and safely is at the heart of DevOps teams goals. The more this can be automated, the more consistent, reliable and quicker releases can be achieved. The application of GitOps practice already helps considerably here, and Trusted Delivery builds on this by adding policy as code and progressive deployment strategies.

Weave GitOps Policy-as-Code extends Open Policy Agent, providing policy checks throughout the software delivery lifecycle along with automatic remediation when possible. The included curated library of over one hundred policies covers industry standards and best practices such as: SOC II, PCI-DSS, GDPR, HIPAA, MITRE ATTACK. Adding your own policies to this library is easy using the Rego language. Shifting left the Validation of Kubernetes manifests with automatic checking as they are committed to Git removes the error prone and slow manual review / approval step; humans do a terrible job of checking hundreds of lines of YAML. Policy-as-Code checks are not just applicable to the deployment of services, when using the Weave GitOps Multi Cluster Control Plane to manage Kubernetes cluster instances, policy checks can be performed here as well.


Initializing a progressive deployment via canary release

No matter how robust the testing regime, the acid test for any release is always when it’s deployed into production. The safest way to do that deployment is progressively, where initially just a small percentage of requests are handled by the new release, only switching over completely once performance SLOs have been met. Weave GitOps abstracts away all the complexity of managing service meshes and ingress controllers with just one simple configuration file that defines the rollout strategy and SLO targets. Metrics for the SLO analysis can be queried from most Observability tools such as: Datadog, New Relic, Prometheus, etc. The Weave GitOps delivery dashboard provides live monitoring of progress deployments, additionally progression and rollback notifications can be sent via Slack, MS Teams, etc.

Multi-tenancy With Team Workspaces

Giving DevOps engineers the freedom to manage their own resources without any bottlenecks speeds up the software delivery lifecycle. In large enterprises with numerous environments, each team requires direct access to certain resources that are their concern. Multi-tenancy has different teams sharing Kubernetes clusters, separation of concerns is required to ensure teams work together without friction.

Team Workspaces in Weave GitOps, provides full roles based access control (RBAC) along with Policy as Code to ensure that each DevOps team has access to the resources they require and filters out those resources that do not concern them. The Workspaces definitions are specified in a simple YAML file, managed via GitOps of course. This file defines the Team Workspaces along with which clusters and namespaces are associated with them and the mapping to enterprise IAM roles. Weave GitOps consumes these files and creates all the required service accounts, role bindings and policy definitions, taking away the complexity and toil traditionally associated with managing fine grained access controls.

Add Application in Just a Few Clicks


Simple user interface for adding an application in just a few clicks

Experienced senior DevOps engineers are very comfortable with YAML and Git and they really get the benefit of GitOps practices. What about the fresh junior engineers? Weave GitOps now provides some ClickOps capabilities via the user interface. A new micro service deployment can now be created via a simple form with drop down options dynamically populated. Once the form is submitted, Weave GitOps creates all the resources required in a new branch then raises a pull request for review, approval and merge. This new capability speeds up the onboarding of new team members, getting them productive right away while fitting right in with existing Git workflows.

GitOps Run

This release brings a technology preview of this extension. When working in a Development or Staging environment a DevOps engineer might want to try out various configurations to see what works the best. Weave GitOps Run provides near real time iterative development. It's run in the background similar to kubectl port-forward automatically reconciling the local working directory with the Kubernetes cluster in the active kubeconfig. As soon as the local manifest file is saved it’s immediately reconciled with Kubernetes enabling rapid iteration, speeding up software delivery lifecycles. Once the DevOps engineer is ready to make their change permanent, Weave GitOps Run is stopped and the regular Git push is used to make a permanent change.

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Our latest Weave GitOps release simplifies and de-risks the deployment of cloud native applications in any Kubernetes environment using advanced progressive delivery strategies and Trusted Delivery. Now application teams can accelerate their software delivery pipelines, both securely and confidently. Request a demo with one of our experts to learn more or sign up for the launch webinar.

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