Weave GitOps Assured & Accelerator on the Azure Marketplace

By Heba Eid
September 05, 2023

Weave GitOps Assured and Azure Accelerator Program land on Azure Marketplace. Unlock streamlined Kubernetes cluster management, continuous delivery, and enterprise support tailored to your cloud-native objectives.

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We are excited to share the news that both Weave GitOps Assured and the Azure Accelerator Program have made their debut on the Azure Marketplace. This marks a significant milestone, making it even more accessible for our broad customer base to leverage these offerings directly from Azure's platform.

Our premier technology partnership with Microsoft has enabled GitOps to become an accessible add-on in Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) and Azure Arc-enabled Kubernetes (Arc K8s), easily installed and managed by Azure.

What is Weave GitOps Assured?

Weave GitOps Assured is a premium software and support subscription designed to help enterprises mitigate risks and accelerate their cloud-native objectives. The solution merges powerful open-source software, enterprise-grade support, and additional features, simplifying Continuous Delivery (CD) practices and streamlining Kubernetes cluster management.

The subscription encompasses leading open-source tools such as Flux CD, Flagger, observability UI, GitOps Controller for Terraform IaC, Flamingo (Flux Subsystem for Argo), Weave Policy Agent, and a VSCode Plugin.

Weave GitOps Assured includes:

  • Assured Support: 24x7x365 support Service Level Agreement (SLA) for OSS tools
  • Scalable Coverage: Software and support for up to 100 nodes included
  • GitOps Templates: Secure, pre-built infrastructure templates, saving organizations time and effort. Learn more.
  • Enhanced Security: Proactive remediation of CVEs and OSS security vulnerabilities
  • Policy-Based Governance: Automated security and compliance with built-in guardrails using Weave Policy Agent. Learn more.
  • Progressive Delivery: Advanced deployments like A/B testing, blue/green deployments, and canary releases.

This comprehensive subscription streamlines workflows to achieve rapid production deployments with proven tools, patterns, and world-class support.

Find it on the Azure Marketplace.

What is the Weave GitOps Azure Accelerator Program?

The Weave GitOps AKS Accelerator is a comprehensive package that helps organizations design, build, and operate Kubernetes clusters on AKS or AzureArc.

The program includes:

  • A dedicated consultant who will work with your team to understand your needs and design a solution that meets your specific requirements.
  • Weave GitOps Enterprise, a software platform that automates the deployment, management, and operations of Kubernetes clusters.
  • Training and support to help your team get up and running quickly.

The Weave GitOps Accelerator is designed to help organizations overcome the challenges of building and operating Kubernetes clusters, such as:

  • Ensuring that infrastructure resources follow best practices.
  • Onboarding and operating new applications consistently and efficiently.
  • Providing developers with autonomy and ready access to shared services.

Customers can choose between three tiers: bronze, silver, and gold. Each tier includes an assigned onboarding team, subscriptions for development and production support of Weave GitOps Enterprise enhancing the use of Kubernetes AKS or Arc.

Find the program and pricing on the Azure Marketplace listing.

Also available on the marketplace:

  • Weave GitOps Enterprise: It’s a full-stack GitOps platform based on Flux CD that automates continuous application delivery. Learn more about Weave GitOps Enterprise here and check out the full list of features here.
  • VS Code Extension: A GitOps tool built on Flux CD, this tool can abstract and simplify deployments for application developers, so they can deploy directly from the IDE. To learn more about this extension, watch this video and/or read this blog.

Building Platform Engineering Best Practices on Microsoft Azure with GitOps

GitOps capabilities have been an integral part of Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) via Flux CD since December 2021. Teams can implement CI/CD and deploy applications using Flux CD and Azure Arc-enabled Kubernetes or AKS clusters.

If you’re looking to build a scalable and reliable platform engineering practice using GitOps on Azure, then this video is for you. Steve Fraser, a Consulting Reliability Engineer at Weaveworks, and David Tesar, Principal Product Manager at Microsoft, discuss GitOps’ essential role in the platform engineering model in depth.

They also demonstrate how to use Microsoft Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS), Cluster API for Azure (CAPZ), Azure Service Operator (ASO), and Weave GitOps Enterprise (WGE) to build a safe, resilient, scalable, and future-proof platform engineering practice.

Watch the video:

Build an Internal Developer Platform on AKS with Weave GitOps Enterprise

Weave GitOps Enterprise (WGE) equips platform teams with the tools and integrations to easily build an internal developer platform on AKS. Application teams can harness AKS to deploy cloud-native apps and infrastructure in the cloud, on-premises, or at edge locations.

Weave GitOps Enterprise boasts a number of distinct features, including a multi-cluster management dashboard, a WGE interface showcasing application lifecycle, variances, cluster well-being, and other vital indicators, and pipelines to ensure application promotions are traceable, consistent, and secure.

Weaveworks presents varied pricing structures for the yearly support subscriptions of Weave GitOps Enterprise and Weave GitOps Assured. Costs can be determined on a per-node, per-cluster, or application-centric basis. To explore a package tailored to your requirements, please get in touch with us.

To get started, take a look at the Weaveworks listing on the Azure Marketplace, or email us at: azure-partner-team@weave.works

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