Weave GitOps Assured Accelerator: OSS with Enterprise Support

By Weaveworks
April 04, 2023

Weaveworks Assured Accelerator enables you to set up and implement a well-architected and GitOps-enabled Kubernetes platform in 4 weeks.

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In the past ten years, there’s been a massive shift in the way new software is developed. The emerging cloud-native ecosystem paved the way for applications to be developed faster, better, and more reliably. DevOps gave way to GitOps. Security is shifting left. And Kubernetes is now everywhere.

While those who’ve adopted Kubernetes have reaped many of its benefits, operating and managing Kubernetes clusters remains a challenge. There’s a pressing need for a management platform and solution that can simplify the development and deployment of new software, both for developers and operators. This is where the Weave GitOps Assured Accelerator comes in.

The Assured accelerator supports organizations implementing and operating Kubernetes platforms - using the tools readily available in the cloud-native ecosystem. Our customer reliability engineers will be there to provide the necessary support, fixes, and guidance to jumpstart your cloud-native applications. We help you navigate the initial obstacles and steep learning curve of using and integrating your favorite cloud-native open-source tools.

With the necessary support, training, and services, what could take your teams months to set up will take weeks. Teams will have the flexibility to use the tools of their choice, with the added security and insurance our Assured Support provides.

What is included in the Weave GitOps Assured Accelerator?

The Assured Accelerator is a software subscription and support for businesses that are looking to build GitOps-enabled Kubernetes platforms. We help you streamline workflows to get to production faster using a collection of open-source software currently used to install and manage Kubernetes.

Weave GitOps Assured Accelerator combines open, community-fueled innovation with cloud-native expertise, empowering businesses to deliver value continuously through new features.

With the Weave GitOps accelerator, you will get the following:

  • Cloud-Native Expertise: 4 weeks of technical support to help, support, educate, and review existing architectures.
  • Assured-Level OSS Support: Weaveworks provides Assured-level commercial support, upgrades, and CVE patches to our OSS toolset.
  • Annual Support: for up to 100 nodes.
  • GitOps Templates: A set of pre-built, secure, and certified infrastructure templates.
  • Enhanced Security: Through proactive remediation of CVEs and fixes of any security flaws in OSS.
  • Centralized, policy-based governance: automated security and compliance with built-in security and compliance guardrails via Weave Policy Agent.
  • Progressive Delivery: de-risk deployment by progressively rolling out deployments using A/B testing, canary,...etc, using Flagger, a CNCF project.

Swiftly Create Reliable and Cost-Effective Kubernetes Infrastructure

There are numerous benefits you can expect to get from the Assured Accelerator. They include:

  • Foster collaboration between your infrastructure, operations, and development teams
  • Confidently deploy with low friction and increasing frequency while minimizing vulnerabilities and ensuring compliance.
  • Increased development productivity through self-service workflows and automated deployments.
  • Enhanced value of OSS with reduced risk with enterprise support.
  • Secure and compliant continuous delivery pipelines with policy as code.

Supported OSS Subscription Components

There are various ways to install and manage Kubernetes, along with the associated technologies required to create a functioning system. Our experts will support the four components below as part of the accelerator support.

1. Flux Controllers & GitOps Toolkit

Our customer reliability engineers will help you build your own systems for continuous delivery using the GitOps toolkit: a set of APIs and controllers that make up the runtime for Flux V2.

Figure: GitOps Tool Kit - Source

2. Weave GitOps: Observability UI

Weave GitOps, a GitOps solution powered by Flux, delivers a single control plane for Kubernetes across any cloud and data center. Weave GitOps enables you to get the best of Flux with an incredible observability UI that displays the health of all workloads and clusters by continuously comparing the actual state of the system with the desired state.

3. Terraform Controller: Terraform Resources Manager

Terraform Controller offers a method of managing Terraform resources the GitOps way. The controller acts as a bridge between Kubernetes and Terraform, automating Terraform approvals and storing the results as Kubernetes secrets. Learn more about the Terraform Controller by checking out our documentation.

4. Weave Policy Engine

With the Weaveworks policy engine, organizations can define and enforce policies that govern access control, resource allocation, and other aspects of the deployment process, helping to ensure compliance and reduce the risk of errors and breaches. It comes with a sample of policies to get you started.

5. Weaveworks Progressive Delivery

Built on CNCF Flagger, the Weaveworks Progressive Delivery system is a powerful tool for implementing progressive delivery strategies in Kubernetes environments, which can have several benefits for organizations.

6. Notifications System

The notification system monitors changes in source code repositories, container image registries, and other deployment sources, and alerts stakeholders of any changes via customizable notifications.

7. GitOps API

A GitOps API provides a standardized interface for managing and deploying applications in Kubernetes clusters through Git repositories, enabling streamlined collaboration and improved governance. It can be used to connect to systems such as Backstage.

8. GitOps VSCode Extension

The VSCode extension that provides the ability to view FluxCD workloads can help organizations improve the efficiency and quality of their development and deployment processes. It provides developers with a streamlined way to monitor and troubleshoot deployments in real-time, directly from their development environment.

Build your Kubernetes Developer Platform with the Assured Accelerator today

Since we coined the term GitOps in 2017, we have helped many organizations adopt and manage their cloud-native infrastructure with our GitOps solutions. We’ve enabled infrastructure and application development teams to build and operate their own Kubernetes application platform in the cloud, at the edge, or on-premise. Some of our customers include Deutsche Telekom, Fidelity Investments, National Australian Bank, HSBC, Orange Business Services, and more.

We can help you navigate the complexities of managing and operating Kubernetes platforms in 4 weeks. Let us show you how.

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