Embrace GitOps Automation: Weave GitOps Enterprise Lands on the AWS Marketplace

By Heba Eid
June 19, 2023

Weave GitOps Enterprise is now available on the AWS Marketplace. Automate Kubernetes application delivery with GitOps principles. Simplify operations, visualize application lifecycle, and enforce compliance. Partner with Weaveworks and AWS for accelerated application deployment.

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We're thrilled to announce that we've expanded our offerings on the AWS Marketplace to now include Weave GitOps Enterprise-Development and Weave GitOps Enterprise-Production. Weave GitOps Enterprise is a powerful GitOps platform built on FluxCD, enabling teams to automate the continuous delivery of Kubernetes and cloud-native applications.

What is the AWS Marketplace?

The AWS Marketplace is an online store provided by AWS, offering a wide selection of software, solutions, and services from various independent software vendors (ISVs). As a centralized platform, AWS customers can discover, procure, and deploy trusted third-party applications and solutions to enhance and build their cloud-based infrastructure.

The market offers simplified billing, flexible pricing options, and seamless integration with AWS services - all in a few simple clicks. We have expanded our offerings to include Weave GitOps Enterprise-Production and Weave GitOps Enterprise-Development. This enables users to design, deploy, and optimize their applications the GitOps way.

Automate Application Delivery with Weave GitOps Enterprise

Weave GitOps Enterprise makes GitOps a reality by implementing the core principles of GitOps. It leverages Flux CD, the popular CNCF project that automatically reconciles differences between production clusters and Git repositories. With Weave GitOps, developers can automate the software delivery lifecycle post-continuous integration and quickly deploy applications into any Kubernetes cluster.

Some of the available features include::

  • Simplified continuous operations via the Application Control Panel and UI. Weave GitOps UI helps visualize application lifecycle, drift, and cluster health, among other critical metrics.
  • Continuous Application Pipelines make promotions observable, repeatable, and secure. Users can view deployment status and promote apps manually or automatically via git pull or webhooks across environments.

  • Kubernetes guardrails with policy as code integrations. Users can apply declared policies required by any regulator, global or regional, from our hundreds of built-in policies and enforce environment and workload compliance with policy as code from the start.
  • Terraform Controller applies GitOps workflows beyond Kubernetes. Flatten the Terraform learning curve so devs can self-service. Reduce context switching when testing or debugging with a central UI.
  • Integrates with many popular DevOps tools such as Helm, Terraform, AWS CloudFormation, EKS Blueprints, Argo CD, and Pulumi.
  • Enables platform teams to create self-service templates and profiles, thus enabling teams to deploy standard services quickly, consistently, and reliably.

Weaveworks ❤️ AWS - Partners in Success

AWS and Weaveworks have been strategic partners in success, delivering value to customers in banking and finance - including HSBC, Caseware, Curve, and National Australia Bank.

Our longstanding relationship bore fruit over the years:

  • We developed eksctl, the official CLI for EKS. eksctl
  • Flux CD (built and maintained by Weaveworks) is bundled with EKS Anywhere.
  • Our product integrates and leverages EKS Blueprints, a code-driven framework companies can use to build extensible development platforms on top of EKS.
  • We have two other listings on the marketplace: Weave GitOps EKS Accelerator and Weave GitOps.
  • We help AWS users build an internal developer platform with EKS and GitOps. Watch the video below to learn all about it.

Find us on the AWS Marketplace.

Get Started Now

Software teams can realize the full potential of Kubernetes on AWS with Weave GitOps Enterprise. They can build efficient internal developer platforms on EKS, EKS-A, and Hybrid infrastructure, empowering application teams to operate applications effortlessly in the cloud, on-premise, or at the edge.

There are several ways you can get started with Weave GitOps Enterprise:

  • Weaveworks EKS Accelerator: we help you build a GitOps-enabled Kubernetes platform on EKS or EKS-A in a matter of weeks. Explore the offering here.
  • Weave GitOps Enterprise through AWS Marketplace.

Or Contact Us today for a free consultation and demo.

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