Weaveworks, the GitOps company, announced today the general availability of Weave GitOps Enterprise. This is our commercial product that builds on the free open source GitOps Core – as the name suggests it adds advanced features required by enterprises with large Kubernetes estates.

Weave GitOps Enterprise is the first enterprise GitOps platform that increases software delivery and operational performance for Kubernetes infrastructure and application teams. GitOps unites application development and IT operations by enabling earlier collaboration in the development process while delivering greater security, predictability and visibility throughout the entire application lifecycle. Teams can automate Kubernetes through continuous application delivery and operational control at any scale and across deployment types including hybrid cloud, multi cloud and edge.

If you are already using GitOps Core, it’s easy to upgrade to GitOps Enterprise in a few simple steps. Contact us today for a demo or for an upgrade license.

Web User Interface

Weave GitOps Enterprise provides an intuitive web dashboard providing: an overview of provisioned clusters including alerts, application catalogue and cluster template library. Underneath, everything is powered by GitOps. Therefore cluster management and profile catalogues can also be utilized via Git pull request and merge, enabling complete automation of everyday DevOps workflows.


Template library

Cluster Management

See your entire estate in one place, no matter which cloud provider or bare metal Kubernetes you’re using. You can import your existing clusters and define templates for creating new clusters. Cluster management enables self service cluster management for your DevOps teams. When creating a cluster, application profiles may be applied resulting in the cluster being created, correctly sized and with the appropriate applications e.g. observability already installed.

Self service guaranteed cluster management reduces the bottleneck on operations staff, providing great developer autonomy. Sensitive cloud platform keys do not need to be distributed, enhancing security.


Cluster overview

Application Profile Catalogue

Application profiles are defined in catalogues, providing a set of approved applications that can be installed on clusters at creation time or subsequently. Think of it like a package manager such as brew or apt. A package may be a single application or a suite of applications (Prometheus, Grafana, Loki, Tempo) that can be installed, updated or removed as a whole. Application Profiles are applied to the target Kubernetes cluster via a GitOps workflow which provides a full audit trail, rollback and approval via PR with review.


Application detail

Alert Overview

The Weave GitOps Enterprise dashboard links to Prometheus Alert Manager to provide an overview of alerts across all clusters under management.

GitOps Everywhere

Weave GitOps Enterprise enables operations and development to work together more efficiently, advancing your DevOps practice.

Weave GitOps Enterprise abstracts the complexity of working with Kubernetes clusters. Using different CAPI providers clusters are easily managed across multiple cloud providers or bare metal. Don’t let your workflows stall waiting for resource creation.

Weave GitOps Enterprise provides full GitOps automation on both newly created clusters and existing clusters added to the manager. Automatic continuous delivery enables you to go fast without breaking things.

Weave GitOps Enterprise ensures consistency across the stack. Clusters are created according to defined templates. Applications are deployed according to defined profiles.

Weave GitOps Enterprise provides a single high level view of the health of your Kubernetes fleet.

Weave GitOps Enterprise is extensible, easily integrating with other systems in your enterprise.

Visit the datasheet to learn more.

Get Started Today

Accelerating digital transformation with cloud native architecture is a challenging task, with increased agility comes additional complexity. Weave GitOps Enterprise through automation manages the complexity, increases pipeline velocity and enables DevOps.

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