Multicloud & hybrid cloud is the focus of many organizations today as they look to go beyond the boundaries of a single cloud provider to leverage the best that each cloud vendor has to offer. Kubernetes has made it possible for organizations to consider multicloud as an option due to its ability to run on any underlying infrastructure. However, Kubernetes management is a new challenge that organizations are not well-equipped to handle. The various configuration, scripts, networking, security, and IAM responsibilities are enough to overwhelm any software delivery team. To bring consistency and predictability to operations, it takes a solution that brings consistency to Kubernetes management itself. That is what GitOps offers.

GitOps defines Git repositories as the basic building blocks of multicloud Kubernetes infrastructure. It calls for teams to view Git as the sole source of truth. The system, no matter which cloud it runs on, is defined declaratively using a set of Git repositories. Any change to the system is made through a 'commit' and is automatically applied to the production cluster by a GitOps agent like Flux.

Weave GitOps is a hybrid and multicloud management solution that leverages core practices of GitOps and deployment automation tools like Flux to simplify operations. Weave GitOps enables you to get the best of both worlds - the flexibility of different backends, and the security and compliance of a fully declarative system.

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