Today, we’re pleased to announce the release of Weave Net 1.9, which features faster, more secure networking and support for ARM builds.

Fast, Secure Networking

Weave Net has several options for configuring the network: ‘fast datapath’ – the default VXLAN based implementation, ‘sleeve’ – the slower, fallback mechanism and one that manages the AWS VPC, imaginatively entitled ‘awsvpc’.

In prior releases only ‘sleeve’ had a built-in mechanism for encryption, but in this release we enable it with the fast datapath VXLAN implementation, using IPsec. Both IPsec and VXLAN function inside the kernel, so performance is considerably better than the user-space equivalent in ‘sleeve’.

Better yet, configuring Fast Datapath with encryption is as easy as it was with ‘sleeve’ – just supply a password when you launch Net and create the network, and we’ll do the rest.

Look out for another blog post by one of the Net engineers which will show a comparison between the different modes, with and without encryption, and that will explain the details of our implementation.

ARM Builds

For almost as long as Weave Net has been available, people have been asking us for an ARM build – our community addressed this for a while, thank you to those folks who contributed.

Along with the features released and bugs fixed, we’ve upgraded the build to support ARM – meaning Raspberry Pi users can now enjoy Weave Net’s coordination free, easy-to-use network.

We’ll publish additional blogs about Weave Net’s fast datapath, reasons to choose Weave Net, Kubernetes, and Raspberry Pi in the near future, too.

Weave Net 1.9 Release notes
Weave Net docs
Weave Net website

Give it a try!