Weave Scope is a zero-config, drop-in solution for mapping and monitoring your Docker containers, and the easiest way to visualize your cloud-native application. Weave Scope 0.9.0 is out today, with some great new improvements and features!

In this release, we’ve added Kubernetes integrations to allow you to visualise your Pods and Services. This is the first stage of our Kubernetes integration – there’s still work to do to improve identification and display of the inter-container connections handled by the Kubeproxy, for example. We’d love to hear feedback from Kubernetes users about how Scope works for you.

Another feature of the Scope 0.9.0 release is a new Docker containers ‘grouped-by-hostname’ view. This is helpful when you have many replicas of containers backing multiple services, and want to dedupe those replicas, to show who the various services within your Docker infrastructure are talking to.

On top of this, there is added support for the latest version of Weave (1.2), some bug fixes, automated test enhancements and performance improvements. Check out the complete changelog, or download it and try it out. We think you’ll like what you see!