Today, we are pleased to announce version 1.1 of Weave Scope.

This version of Scope provides the ability to visualize and troubleshoot apps deployed to Amazon ECS clusters and also includes a number of bug fixes as well as several usability and performance enhancements.

Visualize Amazon ECS Clusters

Visualize your app deployed to Amazon ECS clusters to gain valuable insight and to troubleshoot any issues you may have using the new ECS Tasks and ECS Services views all from within a single user interface in Weave Cloud.


ECS Tasks can now be viewed in Weave Scope and Weave Cloud


ECS Services can now be viewed in Weave Scope and Weave Cloud

Installing Scope with an AWS Cloudformation Template

Get up and running right away with ECS cluster visualization by using this convenient AWS Cloudformation template. With only a few click you can create a stack and install Scope onto it.

Sign up for Weave Cloud, obtain a Weave Cloud token, and then follow the instructions for “Installing Scope on Amazon ECS”.


Location of Weave Cloud Token

Ready to launch a stack?  Click here to launch a stack to AWS:

Installing Scope Manually to Your Cluster

If you are manually installing Weave Scope onto Amazon ECS,  a convenient set of Amazon Machine Images (AMIs) is provided. These AMIs are fully compatible with the ECS-Optimized Amazon Linux AMI.

Refer to the Readme for Weave’s ECS AMIs for more information.

Docker Label Filtering

Also new in this release is the ability to add custom filters to your container views based on your Docker labels.

For example, you may have a Docker container with label role=example:

docker run -d --name example-role -l role=example busybox sleep 7200

To create a custom label filter, launch scope as follows:

Scope launch --app.container-label-filter=”Example Role:role=example’

After running the command, a new filter appears in the GUI on the left-hand side. Use it to filter containers with a particular Docker label.

Note that the ability to filter by Docker label and role is only available in the Open Source version of Scope.


Docker label and role filtering in Weave Scope

Release Notes, Test Drive and AWS Re:Invent

For detailed information on other usability improvements and bug fixes in Scope 1.1, see the Release Notes.  And if you haven’t given Weave Cloud a try, we encourage you to try a Test Drive or go through one of our guides.

Visit us at Booth # 1140 at Re:Invent 2016 and we’ll give you an in-person demo of all things Weave Cloud including this new release of Scope.