Weave Scope is a zero-configuration, drop-in solution for interactive visualization, monitoring and controlling your Docker containers. Today, we’re releasing Weave Scope 0.13 with big improvements to performance and usability, plus many bug fixes. Scope allows you to instantly visualize and interact with your Dockerized application, without any configuration or system changes and without writing any instrumentation code.

Larger scale

Weave Scope 0.13 reduces CPU usage by 75-85% in both the main application and the probes (there’s one probe per Docker host). This allows you to scale your Scope cluster to larger sizes.

Easier to use

Weave Scope 0.13 introduces many refinements to the user interface. Nodes (processes, containers and hosts) are now represented by different shapes to make the topology view clearer. Groups of nodes are now represented by stack icons. We’ve updated the node details panel, adding file descriptor counts for processes and improving information density to ensure the most important information is available immediately. And we’ve made many small refinements in response to your feedback!

Better for demos and presentations

Scope is a great tool to illustrate what’s happening with your application or Docker cluster during a demo or presentation, so we added a high-contrast mode that makes it easier to see the topology when viewed on a projector in difficult light conditions. We also added a topology download button, which saves the view as an SVG file, allowing you to share it with your team, or print out and hang on the wall.

For more details check out the complete changelog, or download and try it out. As always, your feedback is not only welcomed, but critical to delivering a product developers love to use! Please let us know what you like, what’s not working, and any improvements or other features you’d want to see in future releases. Reach us on Slack, IRC, Github, or Google Group.