Weave Scope is a zero-config, drop-in solution for mapping and monitoring your Docker containers, and the easiest way to visualize your cloud-native application. Weave Scope 0.10 is out today and introduces some exciting new features: controls and sparklines!

Controls – With Weave Scope 0.10 you can control the lifecycle of containers across your cluster from a single UI. Start, stop, pause and restart have all been added to the details panel, and we’ve extended the containers view with a filter for stopped containers.

Sparklines – We’ve added 15-second sparklines to the details panel for metrics such as memory and CPU usage. These provide a snapshot to quickly understand how your containers are performing.


On top of this, we have made some major improvements to our layout engine – removing the occasionally amusing ‘dancing nodes’ mis-feature, resulting in a large improvement in the way the engine copes with fast-changing topologies:

For all this and more, check out the complete changelog, or download it and try it out. We think you’ll like what you see!