Weave Scope is a zero-config, drop-in solution for mapping and monitoring your Docker containers, and the easiest way to visualize your cloud-native application. Weave Scope 0.7.0 is out today, with tons of great new improvements and features!

In the backend, we’ve overhauled how we track connections between containers, allowing Scope to detect ephemeral and extremely-short-lived communication. That’s handy for clients that make non-persistent HTTP connections, for example. We’ve added a lot of detail to the detail pane, including reverse-resolving IP addresses to give you a better idea of where your internet traffic is coming and going. We’ve also improved support for platforms like Amazon ECS—with plenty more on the way.

In the frontend, things are even more exciting. We’ve got new options to show and hide system containers, making it significantly easier to get a sense of how your application is behaving. We’ve made several iterative improvements on the rendering and UI, including more intelligent node layout, more intuitive animations during transformations, and a nice new radial mode when you click on nodes for more detail.

All that, plus some bugfixes, and several major performance improvements, make 0.7.0 a pretty major Scope release. Check out the complete changelog, or just download it and try it out. We think you’ll like what you see!