Today, Weaveworks is making it even faster and easier to deploy and see Docker container applications on Amazon Web Services’ EC2 Container Service (ECS). We’re delighted to be one of the launch Container Partners in the ECS marketplace, providing free Weave ECS AMIs based on the official ECS-Optimized Amazon Linux AMI, and an AWS ECS Getting Started Guide. These help you get your Docker containers up and running on ECS in minutes, discovering and communicating with each other using standard IP networking, with zero network configuration, no port mapping and no custom configuration code.

But that’s not all: once your app is running, you need to know what’s going on. Weave Scope provides a live map of your application and its containers, including the connections between them. And today we’re launching early access to Weave Scope as a cloud service. Now you can understand exactly what is going on with your ECS containers and troubleshoot problems with the click of a button. No code changes required. What could be simpler?

Weave Scope live container map early access program

For developers who want to get their hands dirty and contribute, collaborate and help shape “real world” open source container tools for the future… we invite you to participate in our exclusive Early Access Program.

Sign up here to get on the list for a Weave Scope service invitation. We’ll be sending out account confirmations as we ramp up the service, starting today. Everyone who participates will also get a free T-shirt and there will be a competition for the coolest use case, as voted by the community before we head into public beta later in the year. What are you waiting for?