Today we are announcing a $15M Series B investment from GV (formerly Google Ventures) and Accel. This brings our total funding to $20M to date. We have strong backing from two of the world’s leading VCs. This is great news for Weaveworks customers and very exciting for our future.

Cross-platform microservices made easy

When we talk to customers, we see a significant transformation underway. Their number one goal is to deliver software faster. To that end, customers are modernising their architectures towards a microservices style. And for infrastructure selection, containers and cloud are the way to go. Benefits include:

  • Faster change and recovery, through continuous deployment
  • Lower cost of change, through modularity and reuse

At the same time customers are cautious about too much change at once. Many developers want to build and run microservices, but can they choose just one container platform? There are lots of good ones. Docker Data Center? Mesosphere DC/OS? Amazon ECS? Or Kubernetes, and if so then which flavour? The main problem here is that no platform is “one size fits all”. For most customers, application modernisation is incremental and iterative. It is not a complete re-architecting to a single new platform.

Weave exists to help those customers, by enabling cross-platform microservices for everyone.

What is next for Weave

We are increasing our investment in open source, developer experience, commercial cloud services and more. We are hiring in SF, London and Berlin.  Get in touch!

The next step for us is an integrated commercial offering. This will be built from our open source products. We have already created significant customer value for customers through open source. Our products share a common philosophy — make it insanely easy for any developer to set up and run the product anywhere. That means zero config and true portability, wrapped up in intuitive user experience.

  • Weave Scope to understand, monitor and manage your microservice
  • Weave Net and Weave Mesh for secure networks enabling service clusters anywhere
  • Weave Flux for microservices routing and traffic management

We’ll continue to make these awesome, but the big next step is to bring them together. Our Weave product vision is to deliver an integrated microservices console for any container orchestration platform. In this model, microservices are the atomic unit of development and operations. Over time we’ll extend the console with further microservices patterns that customers are asking us to help them with. There will be open source and commercial editions. Our cloud service – currently in beta – will become generally available.

Above all Weave aims to be the best and simplest way for developers to understand, manage and monitor microservices without constantly being surprised by the infrastructure platform.

It will be amazing. Want to come with?

— alexis