Weaveworks Donates Project Kured to the CNCF

By Daniel Holbach
January 03, 2023

Weaveworks donates project Kured, a Kubernetes reboot daemon, to the CNCF as a Sandbox project. Learn more.

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One year kured - your Kubernetes Reboot Daemon

Announcing Kured, a Kubernetes Reboot Daemon

We are excited to announce that Weaveworks has donated Kured to the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) as a Sandbox project. Kured is a Kubernetes daemonset, a tool that safely and automatically performs node reboots when needed.

At Weaveworks, we are committed to building and expanding the cloud-native ecosystem. And one way we strive to do that is by contributing open source software. Kured is the third project donation to the CNCF, following Cortex, a monitoring system based on Prometheus, and Flux, the widely popular continuous delivery tool.

“Weaveworks has always believed that infrastructure software benefits from open-source development. Kured is a terrific example because of how many practitioners have come together around such an important part of the Kubernetes management workflow. Like all of Weaveworks tools it also showcases the value of automation and security. We are proud to see it in the CNCF as our third project after Cortex and Flux,” - Alexis Richardson, Weaveworks CEO

In November of 2022, Flux reached CNCF graduated status, the highest level of project maturity.

What is Kured?


Kured is the Kubernetes Reboot Daemon - it helps perform safe automatic node reboots, when indicated by the package management of the underlying OS. It was first announced in November 2017 as a project to facilitate safe reboots across the cluster, which accelerates the rollout of critical OS security fixes to Kubernetes clusters. Automation makes everything better indeed.

Since 2020 a small team of contributors has taken over development from Adam Harrison, its original creator. Kured regularly publishes new minor version releases to coincide with new minor version releases of Kubernetes.

What has happened since then? Among many other things, we:

1.12.0 was the latest release, which was tested against Kubernetes 1.26 and introduced the build tools GoReleaser, Cosign and Syft.

💖 Together with you: Onwards and Upwards

We are thrilled to be part of the CNCF now and we would love you to join our project. We are a small team of maintainers, our project is easy to get involved with and is used a lot (we seem to have quite a few friends in the AKS community).

We would love your involvement and support! Here are your first steps to get involved:

We are looking forward to you joining us!

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One year kured - your Kubernetes Reboot Daemon

Announcing Kured, a Kubernetes Reboot Daemon

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