A really big goal for Weaveworks is to support Docker extensions as soon as possible.  This is so that enterprise class Docker use cases like data migration and failover can be enabled, easily combining Weave with components like Flocker.

In my two previous blog posts on this topic, I have talked about what is needed, and how we shall deliver it through a very close collaboration with Docker, especially the former Socketplane team.

As part of this, we want to do everything we can to help our partners in the community be successful too.  On the one hand these are big companies whom I won’t list here.  On the other hand we have worked as hard as we can behind the scenes to bring people together around a common effort.  I’m talking about great young companies like ClusterHQ, Rancher Labs, Tutum, Deis/OpDemand (now at Engineyard) and Crate.io.  If you have been following, you will have seen us get together with them and others at places like Dockercon in Amsterdam.

One company, though, stands out as having been involved with Docker from day one.  And that’s Glider Labs, co-founded by Jeff Lindsay and Andy Shinn.  I’ve known Jeff since we met when he worked on NASA Nebula, an early cloud implementation based on RabbitMQ (which I co-founded) ..btw NASA Nebula went on to become OpenStack.  At the time we both had an interest in messaging and how “pubsub” might be applied to web apps using only HTTP, webhooks and so forth.  I knew when I saw Jeff’s involvement in Docker, while he was working for Solomon some years later, that it would be something developers not only had to use, but would find easy to use.

So today we are thrilled to announce our formal commercial sponsorship of Glider Labs.  This is all about making Docker ecosystem delivery faster and better because we know good people are involved.  And it will be about showing off what Weave can do for service discovery, networking, and more, when combined with the first rate products made by Glider.  Do please read more on Jeff’s blog.

Finally, let this mark a day when we make our work with partners much more formal.  Weave is getting increasing traction among the developer community and with customers such as Cloud66.  At time of writing we have had more than 250,000 downloads from Github and Dockerhub, and the download rate is growing.  Following our release of Weave 0.10 yesterday, we plan many cool new features – so watch this space.

— alexis