Weaveworks has partnered with Oblong Trees, a UK-based non-profit organization, whose mission is to help organizations offset their carbon emissions by planting trees all over the world. We feel it’s important that we reduce our carbon footprint and do more to combat climate change and help improve our planet.


The UK alone produces more than 300 million tonnes of Carbon dioxide every year, and planting trees is one of the biggest and cheapest ways to tackle the climate crisis. Trees can negate emissions that are pumped into the air, such as carbon and convert them into oxygen which is then released into the atmosphere.

“The tech sector is a major contributor to the current climate crisis, comparable to the shipping or aviation industry. Inaction will have a devastating and lasting impact on future generations and at-risk communities worldwide, harming disproportionately the people we want to welcome into our industry. We feel that we need to do more, so we’ve partnered with Oblong Trees to help take our first small steps in moving towards being an organization with a net-zero climate impact.” Alexis Richardson, Founder and CEO, Weaveworks

How much is your carbon footprint?

If you’ve ever tried to work out your own carbon footprint, you’ll know that there are many variables to consider and a minefield of conflicting information out there to make sense of. After a lot of investigation, you might have a rough estimation of what your carbon footprint looks like - but how can you be certain?

How does Oblong Trees help?

Oblong Trees sought to create a simple solution for everyone, one that doesn't waste time calculating a carbon footprint, but instead just allows you to make a difference.

Their solution consists of a 10 year tree-planting plan for every person/business to offset their carbon footprint by paying a certain amount per employee. Larger companies have a much bigger carbon footprint and so this is a good way to account for size.

Oblong Trees partner with responsible growers all over the world who are committed to planting the right trees in the right areas in order to be mindful of endangered habitats. They also ensure that there is adequate water supply to avoid disrupting water tables from new tree plantations.

Take a look at their Hall of Heroes to see the other organisations who have partnered with Oblong Trees.

Weaveworks gives back to mother nature

Our first project with Oblong Trees involves the planting of 500 trees in the UK, Africa and Australia this year. These 500 trees will offset 50 tonnes of CO2 within the next 4 years and by the time they reach 40 years old, they would have offset 500 tonnes of CO2.

Our first batch of Oak, Silver Birch and Wild Cherry trees were planted at a local farm in Derbyshire in the UK. The other plantings are due to take place in the coming weeks.


We know this is only a small step, but it’s a start in the right direction of giving back to this planet we call home.