We’re thrilled that Weaveworks has been named as a recipient of the 451 Firestarter award!

451 Research's Firestarter program recognizes exceptional innovation within the information technology industry. Introduced in late 2018, the program is exclusively analyst-led, and allows its teams of technology and market experts to nominate organizations it believes are significantly contributing to the overall pace and extent of innovation in the market.

Companies selected for 451 Firestarters awards are recognized by the 451 Research analysts for showcasing truly exceptional levels of innovation. According to the 451 Firestarter awards committee, companies are selected based on: “Innovation that challenges received wisdom, and that we believe has the potential to substantially disrupt an existing market, cause it to change direction, or even create an entirely new category.”

“Cloud-native, and all that term encompasses, is the logical next step for enterprises using cloud infrastructure and applications to digitally transform their business – but this does introduce a level of complexity businesses are not equipped to address,” said William Fellows, Founder & Research Vice President at 451 Research. “Weaveworks provides a wide portfolio of developer enablement tools to aid and enable enterprises transition to a “cloud-native” future – earning them a well-deserved 451 Firestarter award.”

What DevOps is to cloud, GitOps is to cloud native

This award recognizes Weaveworks’ impact within the Kubernetes and CNCF community, as well as with our enterprise customers. GitOps combines configuration management and observability to deploy and operate Kubernetes infrastructure and applications at scale - reliably and quickly. GitOps is a set of best practices and flexible workflows for cloud native technologies that gets development and operations teams up to speed efficiently and effectively. Weaveworks’ developer-centric tools and approach to building a cloud native platform around Kubernetes benefits our large financial customers as well as cloud native start ups.

“We are honored to receive the 451 Firestarter award for our innovative approach to Kubernetes infrastructure and application management with GitOps. The right developer experiences gives development teams an easy on-ramp to Kubernetes and increases productivity that everybody in the organization benefits from. Operations shouldn’t be a headache but a means to an end - enabling teams to innovate rapidly and get the best product.” -- Alexis Richardon, CEO, Weaveworks

About Weaveworks

Weaveworks helps teams operate Cloud Native infrastructure and applications – quickly, reliably and at scale. We help infrastructure and platform teams build and operate their own Kubernetes application platform whether in the cloud or on-premise. As experts in Docker, Kubernetes, and microservices, we work with teams at all stages on their path toward a cloud native platform.

Weaveworks contributes to a range of open source projects, including Kubernetes, Docker, Weave Scope, Prometheus and Cortex, Weave Net and Weave Flux. It was also one of the first members of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation. Founded in 2014, the Company is backed by Google Ventures and Accel Partners.