We recently hosted a webinar that features the case study of fantasy sports startup, Dream11, and how they supercharged their usage of AWS EKS using GitOps.

About Dream11

Having soared from 2 million to over 100 million users in just 4 years, India’s largest fantasy sports platform urgently needed a way to achieve high scalability and greater developer agility. As the platform catapulted to record numbers, Dream11 became the first Indian company to achieve unicorn status. 

Dream11’s challenges

Dream11 operates at massive scale serving 5.5M concurrent users a total of 80M requests per minute. This required heavy usage of AWS infrastructure. However, this infrastructure badly needed modernizing and optimizing. Using 40,000 ECS instances, 150+ RDS instances, and 50+ Elasticache clusters meant they were handling infrastructure that needed downsizing, and rearchitecting. 

Operating on legacy VMs, Dream11 wanted to modernize their stack with the power of containers and Kubernetes. They decided to move from AWS ECS to AWS EKS. From using Spot instances in ECS, they wanted to migrate to container instances managed by EKS.

Weaveworks & Dream11

Dream11 leveraged the GitOps expertise of WeaveWorks to facilitate this migration. The key focus areas for this project were as follows:

  1. Pod right-sizing:
  2. CI/CD and Kaizen:
  3. EKS cluster lifecycle:
  4. GitOps:

Who should watch this webinar

If you’re in the process of modernizing your stack, this webinar will shed light on the ideal path to take. It is especially relevant to AWS users, GitOps practitioners, and anyone working with systems of scale. You’ll learn what steps you need to take to reduce your system’s footprint, while improving its performance.