Hi, I’m Luke Marsden. I was formerly co-founder and CTO at ClusterHQ. I’m thrilled be joining forces with Weaveworks to focus on a role that I care passionately about: Developer Experience (DX).

Why I’m joining Weaveworks to work on developer experience

As Head of DX at Weaveworks, it’s my job to ensure that developers building apps and platforms using microservices and containers are having a good time with our tools. Not only is this role fun, but it’s also important, because:

  1. Developers are the new kingmakers,
  2. Every company is becoming a software company,
  3. All the innovation is increasingly happening in open source.

I believe that a huge amount of value will be available to companies, like Weaveworks, who can figure out how to get value into the hands of developers using open source in the new stack. This has to be done in a low-friction way that can easily be adopted. The developer experience in the first 5 minutes is just as important as the first 5 weeks or the first year!

Weaveworks get it

Weaveworks has already done a spectacular job at DX, and I’ve always been a fan: just look how beautifully simple installing Weave Net is, and how it radically simplifies container networking and service discovery. Or how Weave Scope and Weave Cloud help you visualize and understand your microservices application in a single glance, with no configuration required: just fire and forget.

I’m excited to be working with this insanely smart team to help drive forward DX for the exciting products and services we’ve got coming next.

In this new role, I look forward to being involved in guiding and educating developers in the patterns and paradigms of cloud native computing, while iterating quickly and learning from users.

We’re hiring!

Relatedly – if you’re interested in building the next generation of infrastructure software and making it awesome for developers, we’re hiring in London, San Francisco and Berlin 😉