Weave is an open source software project dedicated to simplifying container-based applications.  We very much welcome contributions of all kinds – get in touch via Github or email please.

The Weave project currently consists of a software network that enables any Docker-based application to scale across multiple hosts.  Unlike existing software networks that provide a shared ‘backbone service’, Weave Network is in effect an ’embedded’ network.  It is also dead easy to get started with: you don’t even need to understand networking to use it.  Plus, you get a lot of really cool features like multi-cloud, multi-hop, security, … check out the README file for an overview.

So: welcome to Weave!  And to this blog.

The purpose of this blog is to talk about all things Weave.   The main authors of posts will be Weave committers and contributors, but we warmly welcome guest blog posts too.  These can be about use cases, integration with other projects, and experiments to demonstrate an idea or work in progress that aligns with Weave.