Weave Cloud makes it even easier to automate deployments to Kubernetes. In the latest feature release, use batch mode to make multiple workload deployments or continue using single mode and select individual workloads to deploy to the cluster. With greater control over your deployments, you can more easily manage when and how new workloads land on either your staging or production servers.

New Weave Cloud Features

  • Simplified interface for previewing deployments
    • Batch mode support for multi-workload deployments

Simplified UI for Deployment Previews

We’ve completely overhauled the deployment UI in Weave Cloud to make it even easier and quicker to deploy and release your workloads to Kubernetes:

  • Deploy and manage services in batch mode:
    • Individual services may be selected or you can press ‘Update all…’ to deploy all pending images that need to be released

The Deploy UI displays all workloads or services in your Git repo. From here, determine which ones are set to automatically deploy (truck icon), which ones are locked, which are versions behind the repo and what tags they have.


View the state of your deployments

Select individual workloads and perform actions on them like lock or unlock or automate or de-automate.


Perform actions on selected services all at once

If individual workloads are not selected, you can update them all and then run some final checks before releasing them to the cluster from the convenient "Release Plan" screen. Since monitoring dashboards are completely integrated with your releases, it’s easy to see right away if any of your code has broken anything before you press the release button.



Observe new code in action before you release it


Support for Kubernetes 1.9 and 1.10

The launch generator now detects which version of Kubernetes you are running. It supports both 1.9 and 1.10.  If you have either of those versions of Kubernetes, you can install the agents onto your cluster and start using Weave Cloud right away. There is no further configuration required on your part.


Faster Weave Cloud onboarding

To get you up and running in Weave Cloud even faster, we’ve removed the requirement of linking to a Git repository.  If you have not connected a git repo to Weave Cloud, we will display a read-only view of your workloads in deploy.

We do however encourage you to connect and authenticate Weave Cloud with the git repo that contains your Kubernetes manifests to get the full experience of using Weave Cloud and achieve true Continuous Delivery using GitOps style workflows.

Support for self-signed certificates

Weave Cloud will now allow you to launch agents onto a cluster with unsigned certificates.

Alerts now render as links

All events now render as links in your browser.


Final Thoughts

We intend to make these blogs a regular monthly series to keep you up to date and informed with what’s happening here at Weaveworks. We hope that you find these blogs helpful.

As always we are listening and we want to hear from you and how you’re using Weave Cloud and more importantly how you’d like to use it.

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