We’re Looking for Exceptional People

We are seeking developers with the right outlook and who have the ability to adapt in a fast moving environment. Newcomers, who want to progress quickly, as well as domain experts in relevant technologies are equally welcomed.

Our Products Aim to Empower Developers

We believe that container software will change the way developers create applications, so much so that many approaches are yet to be imagined. Help us build open source software tools that other developers use to tame their containerized applications. Projects like Weave Scope observe containers/pods/services and their interactions to provide visibility and insights.

Our Values At Works

"At Weaveworks, we highly value diversity, and our hiring process and working experience reflect that. Curiosity, intelligence, and good natured are a few terms describing our team and culture. We’ve managed to bring together a team of best in class engineers who are working together to rebuild the foundations of software development, and we are ready to add to our growing international team!

Perks and Benefits

Weaveworks is family friendly, with the option of flexible hours and working practices. Like the top-notch talent we seek to attract, our compensation and benefits are excellent.

Some of the perks we offer:

  • 100% company-paid medical insurance.
  • Tax deferred flexible spending accounts covering dependent care and commute costs.
  • Generous vacation time.

Our San Francisco office is situated in the creative, design district, with convenient access to commute hubs, parking and great restaurants. In-house, we have Philz coffee and a customized menu of beverages and snacks.

What We Would Love About You

  • Ideally you have real-world experience building and running systems with a focus on resilience and uptime.
  • You’re comfortable designing and debugging distributed systems.
  • Ability to talk with customers about building their web apps or scaling their data systems with our products.

The Hiring Process

Checking your CV/Github/SO (if not enough signal: small coding challenge), thirty minute hangout, afternoon take-home coding challenge, and in-person interview with future colleagues.

Current Positions

All of our tools are open source: https://github.com/weaveworks.
Browse our pull requests to get an idea of how we work as a team.

  • Help lead the growing community of users of Weave and its sister technologies such as Docker, Kubernetes, and Prometheus.

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  • Based in our London office, the Marketing Manager’s main responsibilities will be planning and executing omni-channel marketing campaigns that drive engagement, lead generation and sales throughout the funnel.

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  • Work on Weave Cloud and our open source cloud native projects Weave Net, Scope, Flux and Cortex, as well as sister technologies such as Docker, Kubernetes, and Prometheus. All backend work is primarily in Go.

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  • Write reactive and clean web UIs that display complex data and are easy to navigate.

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  • We are looking for a Dev Advocate to help lead the growing community of users of Weave and its sister technologies such as Docker, Kubernetes, and Prometheus.

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Weaveworks consists of energetic people with a wide range of industry experience and a great sense of humor who are fun to work with. The company offers a sensible, family-friendly work-life balance while simultaneously retaining the excitement and challenge of a startup that's aiming to dramatically advance how software teams iterate on containerized microservices.

– Luke Marsden, Developer Experience at Weaveworks