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See how companies use Weaveworks' products to automate and manage Kubernetes, so they can focus on building and delivering better quality products faster. Operate and automate Kubernetes the GitOps way.

“Weaveworks has made deployments incredibly easy. We’re now deploying anywhere from 30-40 services a day instantaneously. That’s something that would have taken us weeks to do in the past.”

Automotive Mastermind automated their deployments with Weave Cloud, allowing their team to deliver hands-off deployments to production clusters running in GKE. Their deployments have gone from large, error-prone releases every 8 to 10 weeks to smaller, and more reliable releases 10 to 100 times per day.

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“Time is THE scarce resource in any software driven enterprise. Saving engineers time learning what else is going on or getting their new thing running with all the other things pays huge dividends in productivity and morale. Weaveworks delivers on both!”

Qordoba increased deployment velocity by 60%, and went from 1 to 2 releases a week to 30 per day applying GitOps best practices with Weave Cloud.

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“Weave Cloud helped us build our new Kubernetes clusters with confidence. The Weaveworks team went above and beyond to make sure we have the right monitoring, but also helped us to determine a proper deployment pipeline.”

Through gaining full observability in their deployment system, the Soho House confidently runs production grade Kubernetes at scale and has cut operations time for developers by up to 75%.

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“Weave Net gives us the ability to drive security right down to the microservice layer with none of the cost of micromanaging the services. It also allows us to extend the security outside the boundaries of the Kubernetes cluster and include the legacy components. A double win!”

For Wealth Wizards it is extremely important to quickly discover and eliminate code vulnerabilities as well as have full visibility of their cloud environment at all times. Learn how they were able to secure their Kubernetes clusters on AWS for security and compliance for their auditors.

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Weaveworks' products and services accelerate your journey to cloud native.

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