Weave Cloud Overview

An overview and discussion of what Weave Cloud is and what features are available.

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Installing the Weave Cloud Agents

Launch the Weave Cloud Agents to Deploy, Explore and Monitor apps in the cloud.

Get Started with Weave Cloud

Explore and deploy a sample app to Kubernetes using our Interactive Labs. No downloads required.

Weave Cloud in your Infrastructure

Learn how to setup and deploy apps to Kubernetes and explore it with Weave Cloud in your own infrastructure.

Deploy and Manage Releases

Find out how to configure, and integrate continuous delivery in your development environment.

Monitoring Apps with Prometheus

Setup scalable Prometheus monitoring and run queries to troubleshoot your app in the cloud.

Security and Network Policy

Secure sensitive services with Network Policy and Weave Net.

Reference Guides

Browse the Weave Net and Weave Scope OSS documentation.

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