Weave GitOps Enterprise

Weave GitOps Enterprise (WGE) provides ops teams with an easy way to assess the health of multiple clusters in a single place. It shows cluster information such as Kubernetes version and number of nodes and provides details about the GitOps operations on those clusters, such as Git repositories and recent commits. Additionally, it aggregates Prometheus alerts to assist with troubleshooting.

Weave GitOps Assured

Weave GitOps Assured is a powerful extension to Flux, a leading GitOps engine and CNCF project. Assured provides insights into your application deployments, and makes continuous delivery with GitOps easier to adopt and scale across your teams. Its web UI surfaces key information to help application operators easily discover and resolve issues. The intuitive interface provides a guided experience to build understanding and simplify getting started for new users; they can easily discover the relationship between Flux objects and navigate to deeper levels of information as required. Weave GitOps is an open source project sponsored by Weaveworks - the GitOps company, and original creators of Flux.

Open Source Docs

Weaveworks strongly believes in the Open Source philosophy. In this section you can find docs for our most important open source projects.

Kubernetes Library

The Kubernetes Library pages summarize and link to some of the best blogs and tutorials that describe how to migrate, run and manage applications on Kubernetes.

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