Aug 27 to Sep 02

Features and Enhancements

  • Promotions is live! You can now promote images between clusters. At present you may only promote between two clusters. If you require more stages, you can create additional instances in Weave Cloud to manage those. Select the instance with the images that you want to promote from in the Image repository dropdown:

  • Deploy now supports semver filtering, making it easier to always have the latest compatible release of third-party containers.
  • The trial period for Weave Cloud is now 14 days, instead of 30.
  • Clearer headings and wording on the settings page for configuring webhooks.
  • Deploy shows fewer unnecessary network and loading errors.

Bug fixes

  • Text in Deploy table is now consistently aligned.
  • You can now have one Explore view in one tab, and a different view in another tab. That is, changing Explore settings in one browser tab no longer changes settings in other tabs.
  • You can manually install deploy keys for GitHub repositories.
  • Changing the deployment settings for workloads with long histories no longer freezes the browser tab.
  • We no longer cut off access for instances that are moved from trial to a team that has enterprise billing.

Aug 20 to Aug 26

Features and Enhancements

  • You can now use the keyboard to move cells around in Notebooks.
  • All notifications now link back to Weave Cloud.
  • Deploy page has a much nicer search and filtering page. You can now apply multiple filters at once.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed infinite redirect loop on not found pages when Chrome Developer Tools is open.
  • Explore no longer breaks after configuration updates when running with CRI.
  • Email notifications from Weave Cloud are no longer in the same thread when they are not related.
  • We correctly show a “Loading…” page when landing on the deployment details page, rather than a “Not found” page.
  • The “Show storage” filter works even if you are running an old version of Scope on your cluster.

Aug 13 to Aug 19

Features and Enhancements

  • Deployments can now be configured by pasting the GitHub URL of the repo that contains your manifests directly into Weave Cloud.
  • You can now link from all namespaces dashboards to individual namespaces, and also from per-namespace dashboards to workload summary pages.
  • Email notifications now have a much cleaner design.

Bug fixes

  • If the deployment page had a linked notebook with markdown cells, it would previously show PromQL parse errors. This no longer occurs and notebooks are now correctly rendered.
  • The Deployments quickstart tour has been fixed.
  • Using the Back button on dashboards now works, even if you’ve selected a particular namespace.
  • Links to the Explore tab are now displaying up to date content, rather than showing the last thing you viewed.
  • A minor security issue is fixed that leaked PII.
  • Weave agents install correctly on Kubernetes clusters that are not using Docker.
  • The backgrounds of node resource dashboards are now coloured correctly.
  • Node resources dashboards show all nodes, not just one.
  • When you delete a cluster, “Monitor” no longer shows as connected.
  • When you tried to do a batch deploy, you were redirected to the workloads dashboards, rather than the deploy dry-run page. This is now fixed.
  • Workload monitoring data shows up correctly when you navigate from the workload list.
  • On a notebook, entering an expression in table mode, stays in table mode.

Aug 06 to Aug 12

Features and Enhancements

  • Gain a deeper understanding about a workload by navigating from the workload summary page and drilling down onto metrics in the monitoring charts for that workload.

  • Clicking on the deployment annotation in a chart now takes you to a history of the deployment.

  • The Update button has been removed from individual deployments in the tabular view. Now you must select the workload before pressing update.

  • You can now use the Time Travel feature to view your deployment history.

  • If you haven’t set up GitHub webhooks (and why haven’t you?), you will be reminded with a banner that links to the configuration page when you view your deployments.

Bug Fixes

  • Clicking on workload resource indicator dials will now take you to the correct charts.
  • The selected namespace on the Workload Resources page no longer resets itself.