May 28 to June 3

Features and Enhancements

  • Weave Cloud now integrates with AWS CloudWatch metrics and provides out of the box metrics dashboards for ELB and RDS databases. Some configuration is required to connect Weave Cloud with AWS Cloudwatch, but once connected dashboards are instantly displayed.

To learn more about Weave Cloud and AWS Cloudwatch, see: GitOps, Weave Cloud and EKS demonstrated at EKoSystem Day

  • To greater simplify storage management, you can now view Kubernetes storage volumes for deployments in Explore.

  • Improved Action drop down button for Deploy toolbar.

  • Better auditing capability - You can now see who’s changed what in the new “Config Changed” event.

  • Install Weave Cloud to an Amazon “EKS” cluster. Select Kubernetes → Amazon EKS and run the command that appears.

  • Instances can now be moved from one team to another.

Bug Fixes

  • It is no longer neccessary to have a team to create instances.
  • URLs in notification emails have been fixed.
  • Reports from the Explore dashboard can now be downloaded properly.
  • The “Process by Name” view in Explore is now functional again.
  • Notebooks autocomplete metrics with colons in their names with is consistent with other recording rules.
  • Resource indicator dials now always show something even if there is a non-zero value.
  • Cutting and pasting directly into the alert rules dialog now works properly.
  • In the past when a deployment in the backend failed, Weave Cloud crashed, now you will see an error message if this occurs.
  • When a service was locked, it used to say “updating” even though it was in in fact, locked. It now correctly states that it is locked.

May 7 to May 13

Features and Enhancements

  • Filtering on tags within the deployment dashboard is simpler to use. Tags that match the current filter are now highlighted, so that you can see what your filter expression is doing.

  • To better support batch deployments, the release page has been redesigned.
  • How to uninstall the Weave Cloud agents has been added to The “Delete instance” page.

  • Filtered or sorted deployment dashboards can now be shared by URL.

Bug Fixes

  • Control-clicking on items in Deploy table now opens new browser tab instead of doing nothing.

May 14 to May 20

Features and Enhancements

  • You are no longer required to hover over a container in order to see its image name and tag. Container details can now be seen directly on the screen.
  • The deployment page now auto-updates properly and it shows the latest deployments with their correct times.

Bug Fixes

  • The Explore dashboard no longer shows spurious “POD” containers with Kubernetes version 1.10.
  • The GCP icon is now rendered correctly on the instance.
  • Deploy no longer treats Helm templates as if they are real Kubernetes resources. This avoids any unexpected, error prone deployments.
  • Editing alerting rules no longer introduces performance regressions during their evaluation.
  • Transient network issues no longer disrupt installation of Weave Cloud agents.
  • Generic Kubernetes alerts now use the correct namespace, rather than always weave.
  • Typing ‘exit’ in a terminal in the Explore dashboard closes the terminal window properly.
  • Links from Alerts that have spaces in their queries now correctly link to their corresponding notebooks instead of doing nothing.

May 21 to May 27

Features and Enhancements

  • Clicking on a workload on the workload listing page takes you to workload-specific dashboards, instead of going to the monitoring page.

  • You can now skip the “preflight checks” when you’re installing Weave Cloud, which can make installation lengthy.
  • The default Prometheus Monitoring ScrapeFailed alerts now provide better information about what wasn’t scraped.

Bug Fixes

  • The video link on the main instance page now takes you to a video demonstrating Weave Cloud, rather than doing nothing.
  • The terminal window in Explore is now correctly sized on open.