Nov 01 to Nov 25

Changes to Weave Cloud for the week starting November 01.

Features and Enhancements

  • A keyboard shortcut for deleting a notebook has been added. Use Ctrl + Shift + d to delete notebooks.

  • A read only option for the launcher install script can be used to disable the controls in the Explore view. To turn off the controls, you may now use the --read-only parameter when installing the Agents to your cluster:

curl -Ls | sh -s -- --token=xxxx --read-only

  • Improvements to deployment notifications were made. Notifications now give detailed information on the workloads being updated by the controller and its status.

Bug fixes

  • When the author has been deleted, the rest of the notebooks are no longer hidden.
  • Duplicate notebook run buttons are no longer shown.
  • Charts with no metrics are now hidden while refreshing.
  • Deploy key setup no longer loops back to instances page.
  • Locked workloads are no longer updated.
  • Home page metrics now load instantly