Before launching the stack:

Ready to launch Weave?  Click here to launch a stack to AWS:

Launch Stack

Configuring the Stack

1. Enable ‘Specify an Amazon S3 template URL’ and then click Next.

AWS Stack Configuration

2. Enter a name for the stack, choose the name of the key pair, and then paste in the Service token.

AWS Stack Details

3. The options dialog doesn’t require any input, just click next.

AWS Stack Options

4. In the confirmation dialog, review the stack, acknowledge that this may use IAM resources and click Next.

AWS Stack Agreement

The CloudFormation stack dashboard appears, where you can monitor the progress of the stack’s creation. It takes about 10-15 minutes to complete. Press the refresh button in the top right corner to view its progress.

AWS Console

Once the stack creation has completed, go to the outputs tab in the AWS console, and click the link.

From within Weave Cloud, Explore the sample app as it runs in an ECS cluster.

Note: Use this Cloudformation as the basis for adding in your containerized app. See AWS Cloudformation for information on how to edit this template.

Further Reading